How to Find the Perfect Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
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So, you have finally decided to get engaged? Congratulations! You want to show your love for your partner with something memorable, right? What better way than with a stunning princess cut diamond engagement ring! 

Princess cut diamonds have an elegant shape that's perfect for any modern bride-to-be who wants to show her classic sense of style. Whether you're looking for a solitaire engagement ring or something more elaborate, there are lots of choices out there.

engagement ring 1 51ct princess cut diamond

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From Meghan Markle to Hillary Duff and Beyoncé, princess-cut diamonds have been spotted on fingers of all shapes and sizes. So what is it about princess cut diamonds that make them so desirable?

A princess cut diamond engagement ring is perfect if you're looking to make a statement with your jewelry. It's classic, elegant and timeless — perfect for any princess! With so many reasons to love the princess cut, how can someone go wrong!

A Brief History of Princess Cut Diamonds: A Modern Cut with a Classic Appeal

In modern times, the princess cut refers to the square modified brilliant diamonds. The iconic square or slightly rectangular crown that features 58 facets is what separates this cut from other types.

square shape diamonds cuts

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To trace the origin of this cut, we have to go back to 1961 when Arpad Nagy invented the profile cut. But it was not popular until the early 1970's when a group of jewelers modified it into the quadrillion cut. A few years later, the same jewelers' group modified the cut based on the newly introduced radiant cut.

They also upgraded the current settings by inventing an invisible setting for the new cut. Gradually, the square-shaped design with a pyramid-like top became popular, and was well-known as the princess cut.

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The popularity of princess cut diamonds for engagement rings was at its peak during the '80s and '90s. It picked up attention again in the early '00s, thanks to Disney's collaboration with Zales. Featuring the princess cut, Zales marketed a series of Disney Princess rings.

enchanted disney ultimate princess celebration diamond ring in sterling silver

Image via Zales

Currently, almost 30% of all engagement rings feature princess cut diamonds, only behind the highly popular round cut diamonds (almost 50%). The cushion cut diamonds are in third place with around 8% of the demand. 

For a real diamond with a princess cut, its brilliance only behind the dazzling round brilliant diamonds, such a shine leaves little speculation why people are crazy about this cut. 

What Are the Prominent Features of Princess Cut Diamonds? 

princess cut diamond

Image by Mark Johnson via Flickr

If you look closely, the face-up view of a diamond with this cut looks square or slightly rectangular. Its side-on profile is similar to an inverted pyramid with four slanted sides.

The sloping edges give the diamonds quite a feminine look, which is one reason behind its high demand as engagement rings. The unique features that make it different from other diamond cuts are:

Plenty of Patterns and Cuts

princess cut diamond engagement ring

Image via PxFuel

This style has various crown patterns and pavilion cuts. Each variety has the same value, so the style only changes because of personal preferences. You can choose bezel corners with diamond facets or French corners with star facets, but the former is more durable. 

It's better to protect the corners of princess cut diamonds with prongs. A pronged stone is less prone to damage and looks almost like a kite, which gives it an exciting shape and contrast compared to other shapes on the market today.

Exceptional Brilliance

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In terms of brilliance, you will find them next to round diamonds. Other cuts, no matter which style they put on, can never match the brilliance of princess diamonds.

The square stone features 50 to 58 facets, which allows it to really show off the diamond's unique sparkle. Another reason for this brilliance is the number of chevrons this cut can accommodate. It can feature up to 4 chevrons, which create more sparkle and shine. 

Large Table

princess diamonds cut

Image by Gjt Cad Diamond via ShutterStock

This diamond has a much larger table than the standard round cut diamonds, which makes it look bigger from top to bottom. Due to the larger table, it catches a great deal of light but that does not refract much because of the smaller pavilion.

Value for Money

A princess cut diamond keeps more of the original rough diamond than other cuts. Due to the low percentage of waste, it costs less compared to the same carat weight of other styles. 

Which Bridal Style Is Perfect for Princess Cut Diamonds?

princess cut diamond engagement ring in platinum

Image via Tiffany

A princess cut diamond engagement ring is a perfect choice for modern, fashion-conscious couples. We know that every bride wants to look as elegant as possible on their wedding day. What better way to express your modern and minimal style sense than by choosing a princess diamond ring on your special day!

Not only does this style make your ring look like a million bucks but it also goes with any outfit—from extravagant to simple. And don't worry about getting bored with your engagement ring- there are many different styles that you can choose from. Give these stunning styles a try:

Pair with side stones

princess cut diamond with 2 pear pear shaped diamonds

Image via Rockher.Com

Modernize the look of your princess diamond ring by pairing it with side stones. This will add a touch of glamour to the ring and it's perfect for that boho-chic bride. Think about adding two smaller pear-shaped diamonds with their tips facing the center stone. You can also bring baguettes to create an Art Deco feel, or add two half-moon diamonds on the sides for a streamlined lozenge shape. Or, just stick with a single princess cut diamond stone in your engagement ring. It looks amazing regardless.

Give it a kite-cut spin

kite set basket princess cut engagement ring

Image via Diamonds Nexus

It's time to get creative! If you're bored with the look of your princess cut ring, give it a kite-cut spin to jazz up the look. This style really brings out the glamor of the crown. The prongs in this style face four directions instead of parallel to the band. They add depth and dimension to your ring, while it retains its original shape. Go wild, have fun, get creative with this shape and you’ll be rewarded with a unique style.

Play with the band styles

princess cut halo engagement ring with a diamond platinum band

Image via Tiffany

The princess cut ring is versatile enough to be paired with various types of band designs. It works well with solitaire, channel, halo and many other settings. If you really want to spark things up, choose the pavé eternity band. Use round-cut stones on that band to add to the shine and shimmer manifold. If you inherit a family heirloom, resetting the ring will give it a completely new look. 

Length to Width Ratio: What's the Ideal Shape for a Princess Cut Diamond?

princess diamond certificate

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A princess cut diamond has a squarish shape but a rectangular style is also available. The ratio between the length and width of the diamond is important to consider because it determines the amount of light reflection.

The optimum ratio for the square shape is 1:1, where there is no difference in size between the two dimensions. It can stretch up to 1.05 but anything bigger will look awfully off-shape. 

For a rectangular stone, the ideal length to width ratio is 1:1.07 to 1.15. This shape does not have much demand because of lacking brilliance. A high-quality princess cut diamond will always be square, ideal with a ratio of 1:1 to 1.05.

Which Color Rating Is Perfect for Princess Cut Diamonds? 

princess cut diamond close

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You will get plenty of advice to go H grade or higher but this is not the best option if you consider the steep price that comes with it. Both round and princess diamonds have brilliant cuts. It means that they refract light so much that it conceals the true color of the stones.

For this reason, you will get the best value for money by picking up the H or I grade. Even with the I color grade, a princess cut diamond will look clear to the eye. A higher completely colorless grade like F or E will be a waste of money in this case. 

etincelle de cartier ring

Image via Cartier

For a rose or yellow gold setting, choose the J color grade without a second thought. However, this color won't work with a platinum or gold setting. For the latter choices, combine them with H or I color grade. 

Always purchase your ring from a reputed jeweler to avoid spending money on a fake stone. Remember that some cheap stones, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, almost look like diamonds. An expert can tell them apart by color differences, so you shouldn't leave that to luck. 

What's the Best Value Clarity for Princess Cut Diamonds?

clarity form flawless to included

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Diamond clarity is a very important factor when purchasing a diamond because it determines how many inclusions the diamond has. Inclusions are tiny pieces of foreign material that get mixed in with the diamonds and can make them seem cloudy and less brilliant. The higher the clarity grade, the fewer inclusions there will be, and the higher the impact value will be.

Which clarity grade is the right choice? Well, it depends on your budget and personal preferences. Experts suggest it could be either VS2 (Very Slightly Included 2) or SI1 (Slightly Included 1) clarity or SI2 (Slightly Included 2) and I1 (Included 1) clarity.

Of course, you can choose a higher clarity grade, such as VVS1 (Very Very Slightly Included 1) or FL (Flawless), the latter being the highest grade. However, the better the clarity the steeper the price. 

163 41 carat flawless diamond suspended from an asymmetric necklace

Image via Grisogono

A princess cut diamond has a lot of brilliance, so you don't need much clarity. It is good at hiding minor imperfections and looks eye-clean at SI2 and I1 grading. So, there is no need to shell out a premium price for better clarity. 

However, be careful that the inclusions are not near the center or in the corners. Dark blemishes in the middle will really curtail the brilliance. Also, the corners of a princess cut diamond are already weak and prone to chipping. The presence of inclusions will make them weaker and may even break them before time. 

Why Do Princess Cut Diamonds Cost Less Than Round Brilliants? 

classic round brilliant cut square princess cut diamonds

Image by Diamondgalaxy via ShutterStock

The price of a diamond is usually based on four features: weight, clarity, cut and color. Factors such as the type of jeweler or where you buy your diamond can also affect the price. 

Diamond shape determines the price it will be sold for, with round cuts being the most expensive. The square princess cut diamond is more affordable, even with just a little less sparkle than that of a brilliant.

If you compare carat to carat, princess cut stones are much less expensive than other cuts of the same carat. The reason behind this is the minimal waste of the raw diamond when cutting stones in this shape. 

For a princess cut stone, the gem cutter can carve out two of them by splitting a diamond in half. In this way, it's possible to use almost 80% of the rough stone, which significantly reduces the price tag. For other cuts, almost 40% to 50% of the rough stone goes into waste and the waste percentage is the highest for a round cut compared to any other cuts. 

A rectangular princess diamond costs even less than its square counterparts. The reason is the same; a square wastes more of the rough stone than a rectangular one. 

Princess Cut Diamond Ring: Pros and Cons 

The princess cut is a pretty versatile and popular diamond. It's often seen as the perfect stone for engagement rings but is also a great option for other pieces such as earrings or pendants. Like other cuts, this style has its own unique pros and cons:

Pros of Princess Cut Diamonds

  • The diamonds have the brilliance and fire of a round stone along with all the qualities that make a princess cut unique. The shape is breathtaking and elegant, with soft edges that pick up light from every angle.
  • A princess cut is usually less expensive than round ones but still has that same clean, clear look.
  • These diamonds also conceal inclusions pretty well. For this reason, you can choose a low clarity grade without worrying about displaying the blemishes.
  • Princess cut diamonds can stand on their own. They don't need any accent stones to add to their beauty. Of course, you can still pair them up with other gemstones.

Cons of Princess Cut Diamonds

  • The corners of princess cut diamonds are quite weak and they can chip over time. 
  • They need maintenance and care, or the corners can break down.

What's the Price of a 2-Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

You often hear about celebrity engagements, and it's no surprise that engagement rings are often the focus of the segment. With all of this publicity, you might wonder how much a 2-carat princess cut diamond ring costs. 

Well, the price depends on diamond shapes, color and clarity — the higher the grade the more the price. The price will also be higher depending on the number of accent gemstones used on the band. For example, a solitaire setting will be a little less expensive than a halo setting. 

The average price for a 2-carat princess cut diamond ranges from $5,000 to $60,000. Sometimes, two diamonds with similar 4 Cs can have different prices simply because of the manufacturing company. Buying from a prestigious brand will cost more because of the brand value and a better cut grade. 

The Best Settings for Princess Cut Diamonds

princess cut wide high polish band tension set solitaire engagement ring

Image via Rockher.Com

The princess cut diamond is a beautiful and popular choice for engagement rings. Choosing its settings mostly depends on the personal taste and personality of the wearer. But some settings are definitely better than others for showing off the stone's brilliance and giving it a more secure mounting. 

Four-prong setting

princess cut engagement ring with a pave diamond platinum band

Image via Tiffany

Also known as the classic or claw setting, this style provides a large amount of light return, which creates a brilliant sparkle. It helps the diamond maintain its luster and keeps it from being scratched.

With a princess cut in the center and four prongs framing the diamond, this is one of the most popular and traditional settings. As the prongs are in a V-shape, they provide more protection than pointed or flat prongs.

Bezel setting

14k white gold engagement ring bezel setting

Image by Esdomera via Etsy

A bezel setting creates an edgy, modern look to your beautiful ring. The metal lining up with the edges of the diamond produces an excellent reflection. The metal band around the diamond's girdle provides protection and makes the stone look a bit bigger. However, the brilliance could be a little less because of the same reason. If you care too much about the sparkle, choose a semi-bezel setting.

This style is generally more expensive than the classic setting because manufacturing it requires more metal and more artistic skill. Also, you can customize it, which makes it costlier.

Channel setting

princess cut diamond antique milgrain bead and channel set engagement ring

Image via Rockher.Com

A perfect style for smaller princess cut diamonds, this setting adds sparkle by creating a channel to set up accent stones on both sides of the band. The design is customizable, which means you can keep it simple or make it glamorous. The diamond stays secure in a groove of vertical metal walls. 

Halo setting

princess cut split shank and diamond pave halo engagement ring

Image via Rockher.Com

Do you have a small diamond? Don't worry. Pair it up with the halo setting to make it look bigger and brighter. In this style, the center stone is surrounded by small accent diamonds on all sides. The small diamonds look like a halo, surrounding the center diamond almost like an aura. The accent stones are prong set and can range from four to ten on each side. 

Solitaire setting

princess cut rounded comfort fit solitaire engagement ring

Image via Rockher.Com

When you are after a no-fuss look, a solitaire setting is your best bet. The style features a single center stone that sits atop a simple metal band, giving it a vintage look that will never go out of style. It's a nice way to highlight your beautiful diamond since there are no accent stones to distract the look.


Princess Cut Diamond Ring FAQs

Q. Do princess cut diamonds sparkle?

A diamond's sparkle is often characterized by the amount of light-reflecting facets on its surface. Round stones have an even distribution of reflecting surfaces, so they will produce more flashes. Princess cut diamonds show exceptional brilliance but that is not better than the round ones. 

Princess cuts are sober and classical while rounds are dramatic and glamorous. Except for the round cut, the princess style still produces better sparkles than other cuts.

Q. How do you pick a good princess cut diamond?

One nice thing about princess cuts is that it's hard to tell if there are any little dings as you glance at them. But don't let that distract you. To pick up a good one, always check the clarity and color grades. Avoid cheap grades, poor symmetry, and odd elongated or lop-sided shapes.

Excellent symmetry and polish make it more beautiful and lustrous. These facets usually produce more brilliance, fire and sparkle in a diamond's light. The gemstone should also be cut to the proper depth for each shape to avoid too many small inclusions that can drastically affect its value. 

Q. How much does a princess cut engagement ring cost?

Price varies depending on the cut quality, color, clarity and weight. The more clarity a diamond has the higher its cost. Similarly, a better cut grading and color grade will also increase the price. Higher values indicate a whiter stone with a lighter hue. So, a princess cut engagement ring could be as low as $3k or as high as $60k.

Q. How much is a 1-carat princess cut diamond worth?

As discussed earlier, the price of a diamond depends on various factors. For example, a 1-carat princess cut diamond will cost around $3k with an I color grading and SI1 clarity. 

Q. Is a princess cut better than a brilliant cut?

They are similar with 58 facets but a brilliant round cut is still superior because its light reflection is over 90% and usually shows off a diamond's sparkle and fire better than any other cutting style.

On the contrary, the princess cut reflects only 70% of the light. However, it still offers a high-quality stone if you are on a budget. 

Q. Are princess cut diamonds more expensive?

If you are comparing two stones of the same weight and similar color rating, the princess cut stone would always be cheaper than its round counterpart. That’s because cutting a princess shape from the rough diamonds produces less waste than other types.

The wastage for a princess style is only 20%, while it's 40% to 50% for other types, especially for a round diamond. 

Q. What should I look for in a princess cut?

Diamonds are graded using a set of characteristics that consider their symmetry, proportion, color, clarity, depth percentage and carat weight. Of course, higher grades mean higher quality but the ultimate choice largely depends on your budget. Since a princess cut diamond hides blemishes well, you can choose one with a lower clarity and color grade to save money. 

Q. Why are princess cut diamonds cheaper?

Princess cut diamonds are cheaper than their round counterparts because they have less brilliance. Also, the production cost of a princess diamond is less than the round ones. 


Diamonds have been a symbol of ultimate luxury and sophistication for centuries. In modern culture, they're widely used to make special occasions more memorable. Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice for engagement rings because they are elegant and versatile, and they look good with different styles of jewelry. With an attractive shape, they shoot a high level of brilliance and fire. Choose your princess cut diamond engagement ring by looking into the shape, clarity, brilliance and color.

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