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What Are Chakras Bracelets? Top 10 Tips To Choose Yours

Chakras bracelets. Chakra is an exotic-sounding word.  But don’t let that bother you—the concepts behind chakras are not very complex or hard to grasp and use.  We’ll guide you through what chakras are and how the 7 chakras work.

What is a Chakra?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel.”  Every living thing has a life force inside of it, and this is called a “prana.”  Because the prana is always spinning, it is called the wheel, or chakra.  It is made up of 7 distinct centers of energy.  

The idea behind chakras is for each of them to spin at the proper rate, providing your body with the right amount of balanced energy that will keep you physically and mentally fit.

Here are the 7 chakras

What Are the 7 Chakras?

First, we’ll give you a handy reference list of the 7 chakras, and then go on to describe each one, its impact on our mental and physical health, what could go out of balance with each chakra, and how to heal them.

  1. Root Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. 3rd Eye Chakra
  7. Crown Chakra

Root chakra

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Root Chakra

The root chakra is all about grounding, or connecting you to the Earth.  Its Sanskrit name is Muladhara, from “mula,” root, and “dhara,” support.

It is visually represented by the color red and by a four-petaled lotus flower.

The bodily components the root chakra is associated with are blood, bone, teeth, the skeleton, and the feet and legs.

The root chakra, in a way that makes sense with its name, is at the root of how chakras keep you close to the Earth and to all that is important.  It’s the most instinctual of the chakras.  It is located at the base of the spine, and it controls the flight-or-fight response, meaning that it keeps one safe in the face of danger.

However, it has a more overarching power to help all of your energy as a person on Earth.

Balance: When the root chakra is in balance, you’ll feel courage and resilience—problems will be solvable.  

Out of Balance:  As we look at our first chakra, it’s a good opportunity to explain that chakras can be underactive or overactive.  Either way, that’s a problem.  As for the root chakra, the grounding chakra, it sometimes can be overactive.  Survival is deep-rooted into the evolution of humans.  That is why all of us are prone to some problems with the root chakra.  There will always be an impulse to feel fear, since sometimes fear is necessary for survival.  But when the root chakra instinctively feels a threat that isn’t real, you have a lack of balance.  This overactivity makes a person feel nervous, with anxiety.  Later in this article, we’ll have a comprehensive guide to balancing all chakras.

Sacral chakra

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Sacral Chakra

The sacral, or Svadhisthana (“your own place”), chakra, is represented by the color orange; it’s located in the pelvic area.  The chakra is a person’s pleasure and passion center.

It is the part of us that seeks out pleasant experiences (rather than fleeing from unpleasant ones) and that is open to sensations.  It also allows us to connect to our feelings and to have intimacy with others. 

Further, the sacral chakra helps people have inner lives, such as fantasies, and fuels their creativity.  As you can see, much of what makes people interesting and fun to be around comes from this second chakra.

Balanced Sacral Chakra: People with a Sacral that is in balance are self-confident, open-minded, and relatively free.  They allow feelings to open up inside of them, feeling the positive aspects of them, and aware that the negative aspects can be dealt with.  

These people are not ashamed of sexual desire or other sensual pleasures or desires.   They know how to set reasonable boundaries and can give and receive affection and love.

Out of Balance Sacral Chakra: This can result in you feeling either overtaken with emotions, or unable to feel or express them.  It can also fuel addictive qualities, since you will be seeking pleasures too aggressively, or being unable to enjoy sensual pleasures.  It generally involves a one-sided and extreme way of being.

Solar chakra

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Solar Plexus Chakra

Our third chakra sits between the navel and the solar plexus.  The latter is a bundle of nerves located in the back of the stomach.

The solar plexus chakra is otherwise known as Manipura, which is Sanskrit for “jeweled city.”  It is yellow, shown visually as a downward-facing triangle.  It is associated with the gall bladder, liver, and digestive system.  As you can see, this one may not be quite as fun as others, and for that reason, is very important.

The solar plexus chakra works to make us who we are as we present ourselves to the world, and as we keep promises to ourselves.  It is the chakra of responsibility and willpower.

A lot of our identity comes from our ability to fight off bad impulses, to live up to responsibilities, to keep our word and stick with projects.  That is why, of the 7 chakras, the solar plexus is the one most associated with our identity or sense of self.

Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra: This gives you the ability to accept that you have choices as to how to control your life.  It will make you strong and decisive.

Unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra: Instead of taking charge, people with overactive Manipura chakras react to what life throws at them, causing themselves to be stressed and agitated.  Meanwhile, people with not enough activity from this chakra will be passive, not making decisions one way or another that could possibly lead to a better station in life and happiness.

Heart chakra

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Heart Chakra

Despite its name, the Heart Chakra isn’t located behind the heart, but smack in the middle of our chests.  Its Sanskrit name is Anahata.  It relates to our heart, lungs, and circulatory system.  It is green and represented by a crescent moon.

The heart chakra works to facilitate our compassion, warmth, love, generosity and kindness.  It is a unifying chakra, which serves as a healing center.  

Balanced heart chakra: This allows a person to feel connected to things larger than themselves, and to feel energies that connect things.  

Imbalanced heart chakra: Physical or emotional traumas can throw the heart chakra into imbalance.  A person suffering such a malady may feel things such as feeling victimization, being reclusive or antisocial, holding grudges, etc.

In addition, a blocked heart chakra can suffer serious ailments like lung infections and other respiratory deficits.

Throat chakra

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Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra, which comes from the Sanskrit word “Vishuddha” meaning “purification.”  It is, indeed, situated in our throats, and, accordingly, is the chakra associated with communication

As far as the physical parts of the body with which it’s associated, they are the endocrine system, specifically the thyroid and parathyroid glands.  The chakra guides not just speaking, but also listening and decision making.

Balanced Throat Chakra: The various chakras in the body are interconnected.  The throat chakra facilitates the flow of energy bubbling up from the sacral chakra and through the solar plexus.  That means that these energies, which we feel inside, can in turn be outwardly expressed. 

People with a throat chakra in balance know how to take in information and synthesize it, letting new ideas benefit their lives.  They are good two-way communicators.

Out-of-balance Throat Chakra: If the throat chakra is overactive, it causes the person to be loud and domineering.  They may over-intellectualize their opinionated nature, rationalizing their lack of ability to accept other people’s opinions.  

On the other hand, a low-functioning throat chakra leads to a person being excessively timid, unable to find a way of expressing their views.  This makes a person feel bottled up and with limited freedom.

Third eye chakra

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Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is very important, and one that a lot of people are interested in and drawn to.  It has an incredibly important placement, low on one’s forehead, right between the eyebrows.  This chakra comes from the Sanskrit “ajna” meaning “command” or “perceiving.”

It is in tune with the “supreme element,” the combination of all elements in their purest form.

The third eye chakra is associated with foresight, intuition, and imagination.  

Balanced Third Eye Chakra: Those who have a well-functioning third eye chakra pick up subtle dynamics and energies going on around them, things that many others may not pick up.  They have intuition and forward-thinking vision; sometimes psychic abilities.

A lot of what occurs when someone is tuned into the Third Eye Chakra is outside of the physical realm, outside of what is going on around us.

Out-of-balanced Third Eye Chakra: An overactive third eye chakra can be slightly dangerous, since the power of the third eye is considerable.  While a balanced third eye chakra lends intuition and creativity, an overactive one can cause unfortunate adulterated versions of these things, such as belief in illusions.

An underactive Third Eye causes people to have a lack of clarity, not having vision or any spiritual side at all.

Crown chakra

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Crown Chakra

The seventh and final chakra is called the crown chakra.  As you can see we’ve been moving from the stomach upward in the body.  The crown chakra, as one would guess, is located at the top of the head.  In fact, some people consider its true location to be hovering ever so slightly above the head.

Its Sanskrit name is “sahasrara,” which is best translated as “thousand petals.”  It is represented either as purple or white.

The Crown Chakra works with the brain and central nervous system, but also with the pineal gland and the hypothalamus.  The latter is the part of the brain that regulates our temperature, while also ruling motivational behavior.  What that means is that it sends out the signals telling us we are hungry or thirsty.  Because the hypothalamus is responsible for some very basic functions rather than higher reasoning, it is associated with impulsivity.

It’s ironic, then, that the crown chakra does not work on basic functioning at all, but is instead involved in the highest thoughts.  It is responsible for liberation from liberating thoughts, awareness of higher consciousness, and wisdom.

Balanced Crown Chakra: This results in a near-ecstasy, as we feel connected to everything.  We feel a transcendence from dreary thoughts that hold us back.  Once freed, we know we can reach higher and nobler forms of consciousness.

Imbalanced Crown Chakra: While a balanced and healthy crown chakra specifies connectedness, an imbalanced chakra corresponds to a disconnection.  A person could be detached from the spiritual world and realm, or also to one’s own self and body.  It can also manifest itself in cynicism or closed-mindedness.

Chakras meditation

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Getting to Know Your Chakras

So, now you know what the 7 chakras are, and you have a great working sense of how they affect us and try to lead us into a greater understanding.

We now need to move into the realm of working with the chakras in our real lives.

The first step is to become skilled at feeling your chakras and building an awareness and sensitivity to them.

Here is how:

  • Sit in a very quiet place.
  • Clear your mind and indulge in the peacefulness as much as you can.
  • With your mind cleared of worries and attention to your day-to-day life, you can be fully and simply aware of yourself, of your body.
  • Now, you are in a place to find the presence of the various chakras within you.  Begin at the base of your spine, where it meets your tailbone.  Picture a red spinning light.  Become aware of your breathing and coordinate the pulsing of the red light with your breathing.
  • Gradually move your concentration upward, to a couple of inches below your navel.  Now, switch your attention to a glowing orange light.  You should be able to feel the spinning from the first light transfer up into this region, and continue with the sensation of the spinning coinciding with your breathing.
  • Then, move up just above the navel.  This is near the center, if you will, of your body, and it is where a person experiences a “gut feeling.”  Here, the rotating light will be a bright yellow. 
  • Continue to work up your body, feeling each chakra. 
  • For each one, the chakra presents itself as a rotating disc and a light.
  • The heart chakra is a bright green light.
  • For the throat chakra, it is a bright blue light in the indentation between collar bones.
  • With the third eye chakra, the light is deep indigo.
  • For the crown chakra, it is a vibrant, violet light.

Chakras meditation

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Bringing the Chakras Into Balance

You now know how to feel an awareness of your chakras actually within your body.  You can pair this with your conceptual knowledge of the chakras to begin to understand them working to make your life better.

The next step is to begin working with your chakras to allow them to have their healing powers within you.  As alluded to in our descriptions of the chakras, this entails making sure the chakras are balanced.  It is only when they are in balance that they have their positive effects on you.

So with this guide, you can go down the list, chakra by chakra, and learn how to achieve all-important healing.

Root chakra

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Root Chakra

If your root chakra is somewhat overactive, it will be in need of calming.  For this process, great attention to your spirit and spiritual life are needed.  Therefore, try to do things such as meditating or praying on a regular basis.

Further, being sure to reach out to others with kindness, including acts of volunteerism, will move energy from an overactive Root Chakra, thus calming it.

Now, if you have a sluggish root chakra that is in need of energizing to bring it back into balance, the method is to become as connected with nature as possible.  Spend more time outdoors, and connect with water, sand trees—even sit on a rock for a while.  Close communing with nature will energize your root chakra.

Sacral chakra

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Sacral Chakra

You may recall that an overactive sacral chakra can be dangerous, since it is aligned with excessive consumption of things that may be harmful, or with a lack of willpower and an addictive personality.

Bringing the sacral chakra back into balance can be done through activities that allow one to let go and to feel relaxed.  Getting out into nature by yourself, sitting by a quiet lake, meditating or doing yoga are all very positive.  One variety of yoga, sun salutations, is particularly good for the sacral chakra.

The good news about having a closed or underactive sacral chakra is that bringing it back into balance is really all about getting out of a rut.  Getting some exercise, or perhaps doing anything creative can keep your sacral chakra active, back into balance.  Making love is another way of energizing this chakra.

Solar chakra

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Solar Plexus Chakra

The remedy for an overactive solar plexus chakra is to direct energy outward.  Send love and compassion from your heart toward your family, friends, and your entire community.

If you have an underactive Solar Plexus, the important thing to do is crank up your self confidence.  Make lists of things you’ve done recently that were successful or worthy of praise.  Make a list of talents or abilities.  This will help restore balance to the solar plexus.

Heart chakra

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Heart Chakra

An overactive heart chakra can mean being too generous and too giving, perhaps in ways that are inappropriate or that make others uncomfortable.  This excessive giving nature can also mean not giving yourself enough attention.  If you are in this predicament, with your heart chakra doing too much of its loving good work, the way to calm it down and bring it back into balance is to be sure to shower good things on yourself for a few days.

This can be giving yourself permission to linger over some of your treasured hobbies, or can be some “pampering” activities like massages or luxurious baths.

On the other hand, if your heart chakra is blocked, and you are not letting kindness and affection flow, it needs to be pumped up.  Ways to do this can include letting go of any old grudges and letting go of bitterness or similar feelings.  Related to this is practicing acceptance.  Stop pining to change things that you just cannot change.  Getting the heart chakra back in order is all about letting go, freeing yourself of weights and breathing easier.

Throat chakra

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Throat Chakra

When a person has an overactive throat chakra, it may present itself as being loud or too opinionated.    A way to help with this imbalance is to ask yourself about the things you are saying.  Ask if what you’re saying is something you’ like someone to say to you.  Is it nice?  Is it fair?  Is it true?

To awake an underactive chakra is to think about your emotions.  Give yourself the right to have the emotions or opinions that you have.  Justify them to yourself.  Practice having more courage to tell people how you feel about things.  Put it in terms of letting people know your thoughts, not necessarily trying to convince people or have to be right.

Third eye chakra

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Third Eye Chakra

If a person has an overactive third eye chakra, it can mean going overboard with various mystical pursuits and not being grounded enough in the here and now.

It is important to pay attention to your footsteps, to the physical sensations of your body, etc.  Tell yourself, out loud, “I am a human being.”

If your third eye chakra is underactive, you are not in tune enough with the spiritual side of the world.  That means being mired in the day-to-day of your life.  To get the chakra jump-started, lots of quiet time and concentration may be necessary.  Meditation can be a great way of getting your mind into a place where it can receive signals from the universe.

Once you feel something spiritual speaking to your mind, consider how it feels and what it is to receive these signals.

Crown chakra

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Crown Chakra

A very interesting dynamic with the crown chakra is that it won’t be overactive.  That is, the issue that people will always face when bringing a crown chakra into balance is giving it more energy.

This is another way in which the dynamic is different with the crown chakra.  Opening it up means focusing on the other 6 chakras.  Only when all of these chakras, located throughout your body, are doing their work, can your crown chakra be in balance.

Chakras bracelet

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Chakra Bracelets

As we get into ways of healing your various chakras, one of the most appropriate concepts is the chakra bracelet.  All 7 chakras can be brought back into balance with chakra bracelets, which are thought of as an element of alternative medicine.  

The work that these chakras bracelets do to heal our chakras in turn leads to a stronger emotional life, mental clarity, and physical health.  

Chakra bracelets come from yogic culture and from healing traditions dating back centuries.  In fact, some scholars date chakras bracelets all the way back to India a thousand years ago.

Chakra bracelet

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Chakras bracelets are strung with chakra stones (a.k.a. chakra crystals), which each correspond to one of the chakras.  The way these stones align themselves with chakras is through unique vibrations.  

As may be self-evident, it is very beneficial to have objects that perform this sort of healing on your body at all times.  That means that the healing of your chakras is ongoing, and you do not have to partake in a ritual that requires you to perform certain actions or be quiet for a long period of time, etc.

Chakra bracelet meditation

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Balance From Chakra Bracelets

One of the chief benefits of chakras bracelets is the way that they bring balance to chakras.  One of the ways the chakras deliver this is through the steady vibrations created by the stones/crystals in the chakra bracelets.  Because gentle vibrations keep coming on a steady basis, the chakras are not able to become overactive or sluggish.

Another thing the bracelets do is absorb negative energy, which is a wonderful kind of balance—it safeguards against having closed or muddled chakras. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the wearer has to be mindful while using the bracelets.  This means that s/he must feel the vibrations and have optimistic thoughts and positive energy while wearing the chakra bracelets.  

Chakras bracelet

Image by Stushelry

Rejuvenation With Chakras Bracelets

Another great boost you’ll get from chakra bracelets is the rejuvenation of your chakras and of your entire physiology.  Chakra bracelets serve to unblock chakras.  When you are experiencing these you will feel grumpy, lethargic, or sluggish.  The bracelets come in and clear up this blockage.

Chakra bracelets also purify and cleanse the wearer, and facilitate her rise toward enlightenment.  They can also help keep people safe.

Chakras bracelet

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Which Chakra Bracelets Should I Buy?

Now, the world of chakras can in some ways be complex or even complicated.  If you decide you would like to go the route of the chakra bracelet to bring your chakras into balance, things could get more complicated, and one could feel overwhelmed.  Someone might even fear doing some harm with the wrong bracelets.  At a minimum, it’s only reasonable to want to get the most out of chakras bracelets.

So here are some ways to evaluate which chakra bracelets to buy.  The main strategy is obviously to think about which chakras you think might be out of balance.  Another way is to think of attitudes, abilities, etc., that you might like to enhance. 

Chakras bracelet

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Now, one thing to remember is that it is common for people to get chakras bracelets with stones representing all the chakras.  This is definitely a good idea, since there are quite a few people who have various chakras that are out of balance.  Sadly, that really is a big part of modern life with all its stresses.

However, a lot of people identify one or two distinct issues they’d like to focus on.  That can be the best way to go, since it’s important for a person healing his chakras to be mindful, focusing on the energy and being in the moment, with positive energy.

Chakras bracelet

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So How Are You Feeling?

So, if you are feeling cynical or closed-minded, you would need healing of the crown chakra.  This means you should buy a chakra bracelet with one of the several stones that heals the crown chakra.  These include selenite, clear quartz, amethyst, and diamond.  Below we’ll have a fuller list of which stones heal which chakras.   

 If you’re feeling victimization, a jammed up heart chakra may be the issue.  A stone that would help here would be Rose quartz.  As we say, down below we’ll give a full rundown.

Another great thing for those looking for healing of their chakras is theme bracelets that help in a particular area. 

Chakras bracelet

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For example, if you’d like to be more in tune with spirituality, you an find chakras bracelets with a combination of stones that heal the various chakras that work together to affect a person in a way that add up to spirituality.  

Other bracelets that are commercially available include those that help with such issues as power and vitality, creativity, even desire.

Now, here are the stones/crystals that heal each particular chakra.  These stones can be bought and strung onto a chakra bracelet or, when combinations are correct, bought in chakras bracelets.

Red carnelian bracelet

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Chakra Bracelets for Root Chakra

  • Red Carnelian- color: light red; semi-precious; cleanses and activates.  Has historically been worn for courage.  
  • Red Jasper- clay red; semi-precious; creates a strong connection to the Earth, promotes grounding
  • Bloodstone- rich green, sometimes with red spots; semi-precious; holds the purity of blood, which is how it is associated with life, birth, and even death; provides protection and nurturing; boosts self-esteem.
  • Obsidian- black; organic; gives protection and balancing.
  • Black Tourmaline- black; semi-precious; a talisman for protection; balances energies; neutralizes inner turmoil and negative thoughts.

Snow Flakes Obsidian BraceletChakras Bracelets for Sacral Chakra

Image by Soul Inspired Via Etsy
  • Orange Calcite- orange; stimulates insight and analysis; increases memory
  • Snowflake Obsidian- black, with white or grey “snowflake markings”; helps identify “wrong” thinking; aids in problem solving; allows a person to mentally surrender for quality meditation
  • Amber- gold/rich yellow; organic (not technically a mineral or crystal); holds a strong connection to many living things, as well as to sun and moon; helps with depression and negativity, can help with grieving.

Tiger eye chakra bracelet

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Chakra Bracelets for Solar Plexus

Some of the stones mentioned above are also very good for the solar plexus: black tourmaline, amber.  Here are others.

  • Lemon Quartz- yellow; eases cravings for both food and nicotine; promotes good recoveries after surgeries or disease.
  • Yellow Jasper- yellow; semi-precious; helps you get along with others, and collaborate with and respect those working with you; can aid in courage; helps create a realistic mindset and gives grounding and balancing energy
  • Yellow Tourmaline- yellow; semi-precious; cleanses and balances; can aid in detox.
  • Tiger’s Eye- golden brown; semi-precious; carried by Roman soldiers for bravery; brings compassion to one’s choices; organizes varied pieces of material into a cohesive whole. Not for everyone though!

Green jade chakra bracelet

Image by Raimonds Accessories via Etsy

Chakras Bracelets for Heart Chakra

  • Rose Quartz- pink; semi-precious; calms emotions, promotes peace, allows a person to think more positively; helps peaceful sleep
  • Jade- pale, milky green; provides balance; powers ideas and creates helpful and inspiring dreams; aids emotional release and stabilizes personality.
  • Green Calcite- green; one of the great benefits of green calcite is that it chases away improper thought patterns, and that is how it helps bring balance.  It can help you look at past events or experiences and let go of any animosity you may be holding onto.
  • Green Tourmaline- vivid green; semi-precious; This crystal heals people emotionally.  One of its great benefits is helping a person be more compassionate.

Lapiz lazuli chakra bracelet

Image by Brahmatells via Etsy

Chakra Bracelets for Throat Chakra

  • Lapis Lazuli- blue; semi-precious; Lapis Lazuli helps to balance the throat chakra by aiding in critical thinking and analysis; it sharpens memory and leads to overall intellectual sharpness.
  • Amazonite- green, turquoise; semi-precious; Amazonite restores emotional balance, largely by stopping negativity in its tracks.
  • Turquoise- blue, green-blue; semi-precious; confidence is an important component of the throat chakra, and that is the trait that turquoise mainly works on.  It gives the chakra bracelet wearer the inner strength to express his or her opinions, which is hard to do with a blocked throat chakra.

Amethyst chakra bracelet

Image by Earths Minerals via Etsy

Chakra Bracelets for Third-Eye Chakra

  • Moldavite- dark green; semi-precious; this gem balances, cleanses, and stimulates.  Not only does it enhance recall of dreams and dreams themselves, but it promotes new perspectives.  It clears negativity and restores balance to the whole chakra system.
  • Amethyst- varied shades of purple; precious; chakras bracelets including amethyst will protect wearers from harm.  However, it is more oriented around opening one’s mind and developing wisdom.
  • Black Obsidian- black; semi-precious; this crystal is another one that does the all-important task of warding off negativity.  It helps balance one’s emotional life overall.

Selenite chakra bracelet

Image by Vibewithmebyk via Etsy

Chakras Bracelets for Crown Chakra

  • Selenite- Selenite is a high-vibration stone, and that makes it particularly useful for work with chakras.  Selenite works with the crown chakra to get in touch with talents or skills you may have had in a past life; it also clears negativity and distortions.  Once it has thus healed the crown chakra, that chakra then sends energy down into the third-eye chakra.
  • Clear Quartz- clear; crystalline mineral; this gem brings enhanced spiritual awareness and amplifies energy; promotes clarity.
  • Amethyst- purple, violet; semi-precious; Amethyst works with the crown chakra to reveal self-destructive workings in one’s ego.  Amethyst also aids with clarity and heals addictive behavior patterns.
  • Diamond-clear; precious; as is befitting of a precious stone, and one that heals the crown chakra, diamonds help aid in access to truth and vision, giving access to divine energies.  Diamonds help the crown chakra do its work to forge connections with divine energies.

Cyanite chakra bracelet

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Tips for Using Chakra Bracelets

Programming With Chakra Bracelets

When a person first takes home a chakra bracelet, it’s important to program them.  The healing work of many of the chakra crystals works best when it receives the right kind of energy.  Programming amounts to storing up proper energy patterns in the crystal.

To program crystals, first decide what you want the crystals to do.  This can be a bit more general or more specific.  The best is to have the proper chakra in mind.  All you have to do is refer to our guide to see the chakra that will work with the particular crystal.  Keep in mind that there are crystals that interact with more than one chakra.

Think of That Chakra Before You Begin.

But also think about the work you want the crystal and chakras bracelets to do.  You can see from our guide the things the particular crystals can do.  You can convert these into some specifics.  That may mean coming up with specific memories you’d like to access better; you may have a particular problem that you would like to apply greater clarity and analytical skill to.  Or you may have a particular strand of analytics.  You may have certain emotions in mind.  But then again, you can just program the crystal to help open emotions in general, or to bring wisdom in general, leaving it open-ended for the chakras to do their work at will.

Anyway, now that you have clear intent, you also have to have focused action.  That can occur later in the programming process, as you begin your journey of turning the crystals into results.  It can take the form of meditation, whether formal or informal.  However, your first focused action will begin as soon as you have your intent ready.

  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand.  Begin focusing your thoughts on the intention you have for the crystals.  At this point, your mind will be clear, focusing on nothing but this clearly-defined intention.  You’ll be optimistic, keeping in mind that the crystals expressly work for the intention.
  • Begin to verbalize your intention.  It should be a clear, brief phrase or phrases.  It may be something like “feel more compassion,” “focus on the here and now,” etc.  Say this phrase many times.  It is all right to speak very quietly or even whisper.
  • Place your non-dominant hand over the crystal.  This transfers vibrations to that hand.  You now have the proper energy to work with the crystals for some true and thorough healing.
  • Continue holding the crystal, alternating hands after a minute or two, while repeating your intentions.  You will grow an intuition as to when you’ve acted long enough for the crystal to be programmed.  

Model wearing several chakra bracelets

Image by Lovepray Jewelry

Clearing With Chakras Bracelets

Clearing crystals is extremely important, arguably as much as programming.  What clearing is all about is, as the name implies, getting the crystals into a blank-slate state, ready for a particular programming.

Should you go the route of buying crystals from sources like eBay, or that are labeled “used,” it’s crucial to clear the crystals before you program them for the first time.  If you are buying new crystals you may not wish to do so—it’s up to you.  Provided your commitment is high enough, you may wish to clear crystals fresh from a store.  This is due to the fact that crystals can pick up some bad energies over times.  They can, effectively, get in a rut, necessitating clearing.  If they have a previous owner, there’s no question that you’ll want to clear them before use.

Then, as you faithfully wear the stones and feel them doing their good work, you will get a sense for when some of them may be losing their best energies.  It will then be time to clear these stones.  Whichever below methods you choose for clearing your crystals, be sure to go into the process with a clear intent to restore healing and to clear unwanted energies.

Here are the most-recognized methods:

  • Sunlight/Moonlight- The rays of these all-important celestial bodies do great work in clearing stones.  You may set the stones on a windowsill, or even on a porch or balcony can be beneficial.  If you are relying more on Sunlight, just be aware that you can lose color from such stones as turquoise, celestite, opal, and amethyst.
  • Crystal Sea Salt- If you place your crystals in a container of coarse, dry sea salt you’ll see good clearing results.  Packing the crystals in this way keeps them from picking up energies, meaning they’ll stay in a blank-slate position until you can go in and program them with the best energy.
  • Smudging- This is one of the quickest ways to clear crystals.  It doesn’t involve leaving outside or packed or buried for nearly a week, like the above do.  Instead, Smudging simply involves passing a crystal through the smoke of burning incense, sweetgrass, sage, or cedar.

Wearing Chakra Bracelets

Different Chakra Bracelets

You may have different chakras bracelets rather than having all of your stones on one.  Above, we’ve taken a quick look at chakra bracelets that are strung with an array of stones meant to emphasize different areas of Chakra activity.  It’s important to realize that there is no problem with wearing two or three of these on the same wrist at once.  There is no “clashing” of chakras.  If you’re not sure why this is so, you may wish to go back and look at the first section of this article, and at the description of each Chakra.  Chakras work only in cooperation with one another.  As long as a particular Chakra is in balance, it will do its work, meaning that it will generate only positive energies and attitudes.  The good work of a Chakra will in turn help the works of others.

Therefore, the more crystals the merrier, so long as they have been cleared and programmed.

Now, the crystals applying to certain Chakras that you’re giving the best positive energies to will be the ones that see the most improvement.  So, one could choose to just wear 3 or 4 stones at once, focusing their optimism onto those areas, getting into balance and going from there.

What Hand to Wear Your Chakra Bracelet On

We recommend wearing your chakras bracelet on your non-dominant hand.  This is known as your receiving hand.  That is the best way to benefit from the most energy.  

Should I Clean My Chakras Bracelets?

This is a good policy.  Crystals that make up Chakra Bracelets tend to deal well with water, with Selenite being a main exception.  Plain old water is probably the best—and then gently dry.

Final Thoughts on Chakras Bracelets

There’s no real way to sum up so much important information about one’s spiritual life and the major energy centers that power it.

However, some key things to take away from our discussion.  All of your Chakras can fuel emotionally-healthy, positive, assertion, very pleasant thoughts, feelings, and ways of being.  

However, it isn’t necessarily the case that more activity on the part of a Chakra is better.  As we’ve seen, overactive Chakras can lead to problems.  Blocked—or underactive—Chakras, will also cause problems.

Bringing Chakras into balance is essentially the life’s work of someone who wants to have a free, healthy life.  Activities that do so involve great mindfulness and affirmations.  Using one’s energies in this manner is very possible and useful.

May you enjoy only the best energies and the most successful life.

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by Jennifer N.