Choosing A Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Top 10 Tips
How To Choose A Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Top 10 Tips (2024)

Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love. They sparkle, they shine, and they have been a symbol of wealth for centuries. The round cut diamond is one of the oldest style and the most popular diamond shape. A round cut diamond engagement ring is the most sold of all types, and brides from all around the world just love this shape.

Don't believe that? Well, look at the celebrities, then! From Meg Ryan to Carrie Underwood and Mila Kunis, everyone had worn round cut engagement rings on their weddings days. 

round cut yellow diamond

Image by Carrie Underwood via Instagram

The round shape is simple and classic, and it goes with any type of setting. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone thinking of popping the question soon. If you're looking for a ring that will dazzle everyone who sees it, then this might just be the option for you!

The Story Of The Round Cut Diamonds

The history of the round cut diamond is a long one, dating back to ancient times. Diamonds have been around for centuries, and their shape has not always been what it is today. The round cut was invented in the 17th century but it took another couple of hundred years or so for this style to become popular.

Round diamond solitaire bezel set in 18ct rose gold

Image via Taylor and Hart

The shape caught mass interest only in 1919 after Marcel Tolkowsky's thesis publication about the reflection of light in diamonds. He mentioned that the round cut was ideal for creating the optima brilliance and shine.

The uptick in the sales and use of the round brilliant cut diamonds over the last 30 years is quite evident. In fact, round diamonds account for over 75% of all diamond sales. 

Round cut diamonds have been over a century, and they're here to stay.  The rounded shape is a classic that never goes out of style — it's timeless and makes for an elegant choice no matter what your event may be. No other diamond cut captures this trademark sophistication quite like the round diamond. 

If you're looking for something timeless yet eye-catching, then look no further than a beautiful round diamond!

The Different Types Of Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings 

Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring

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In the search for maximum radiance and brilliance, the round cut has gone through extensive experimentation. The cut was materialized only after the invention of the Bruting machine in the 1800s, which was used for diamond cutting

Then, it underwent various modifications before a major overhaul in 1919. Marcel Tolkowsky's thesis on the science behind diamond's light reflection and refraction shed new light on magnifying the sparkle of these stones. 

Round diamonds are brilliant-cut jewels with 58 facets, which are arranged equally around the stone. Due to the visual symmetry, this type of gemstone has made it very popular for use in engagement rings. The round cut diamond allows light to enter from all angles, making it sparkle more than other cuts that only reflect light from one or two angles.

During the evolution of round diamonds, there have been at least six distinct cuts, including:

American Standard

Crossover Band Ring in Yellow Gold with Round Diamonds

Image via David Yurman

Also known as the Tolkowsky Brilliant, the measurements for this cut are regarded as the ideal specification for cutting a round diamond in the United States. Marcel Tolkowsky invented this cut and it displays excellent brilliance and fire. 

Practical Fine Cut

Brilliant Love Diamond Engagement Ring

Image via Harry Winston

Just like the Tolkowsky Brilliant cut is the American standard, the Practical Fine cut is the benchmark in various European countries. This cut utilizes even the light that enters the diamond at an angle. The crown by pavilion height ratio is 1 : 3.0. The crown height, pavilion depth, and table diameter measurements are only slightly different from the American Standard.

Parker Brilliant


Image via Chopard

With a 10.5% crown height of the girdle diameter, this cut has the least crown depth of all types. For this reason, Parker Brilliant shows the lowest brilliance among all round diamond cuts. Its crown to pavilion height ratio is 1: 4.13. 

Ideal Brilliant

Another cut that does not display much sparkle. This time, the reason for the sub-par performance is utilizing the light falling upright on the stone. It does not account for the light falling slantwise. 

Eulitz Brilliant


With a crown by pavilion height ratio of 1: 2.95, this cut was the invention of W. R Eulitz. He figured out the mathematical measurements for optimizing the brilliance of the stone.  

There are two widely recognized cut in the diamond industry for round diamonds. The brilliant-cut round diamonds offer a beautiful sparkle by highlighting white light. On the other hand, the old European cut was an older style that was popular before the 20th century. The cut brings a vintage look to the stone and highlights the carat size instead of the brilliance. 

What'S The Matching Bridal Style For Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings?

Pave Crossover Ring in 18K Yellow Gold with Diamonds

Image via David Yurman

The diamond in the engagement ring reflects the bride's personality, budget, and taste. For those who want to stand out while still remaining elegant, a round diamond engagement ring is appropriate.

It is easy to see why the round cut diamond is an excellent choice for a bride. This style of diamond has been around for centuries, and it has never gone out of fashion. Simplicity makes the style special, so you do not have to worry about compromising on elegance or practicality. A round cut diamond engagement ring just may be perfect for you if you enjoy being classy, feminine, and timeless.

Round diamond four claw solitaire set in 18ct rose gold

Image via Taylor and Hart

A round cut diamond engagement ring features a round cut stone, with its symmetrical facets, shines bright and is a great choice for a bride-to-be. This shape can be found in a variety of carat weights and is perfect for wearing every day or just on special occasions.

A round cut diamond ring is the perfect ornament for women who appreciate tradition and things that withstand the test of time. For those looking to have a more traditional style wedding, pair your round diamond ring with an elegant tulle dress featuring lace detailing or a simple ball gown with pearls at the waist.

Why Are Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings The Most Expensive Engagement Rings?

the largest fancy yellow round diamond mouawad dragon

Image by The Mouawad Dragon

The round cut diamond are the most expensive cut because they are in high demand. There are some uncommon and fancy styles like cushion cut, princess cut, and rose cut but round diamonds are the most desirable and sought-after cuts. Since it's not possible to supply diamonds at a moment's notice, the high demand allows the sellers to ask for a premium price.

Another reason for its staggering price is the high percentage of rough diamond wastage. The mined diamond's shape is not perfect for cutting a round stone and must be polished and adjusted before it can be cut. This can lead to a lot of waste, which drives up the cost, making the round cut the most expensive product on the market.


Image via Parker Diamonds

Diamond cutting is a complex and labor-intensive process. Cutting 58 facets for the maximum fire and brilliance is not an easy task. Yielding a high-quality round diamond takes expertise and time, which results in higher overhead costs.

Compared to any popular style, including oval cut, Asscher cut, and pear shaped diamonds, round cut diamonds are at least 20% to 40% more expensive, considering all other features are similar. 

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Vs Princess Cut Engagement Rings: The Differences

round cut and princess cut diamond cut

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Round cut and princess cut diamonds are both beautiful and popular diamond shapes, but there are some differences worth noting.

Origin And Popularity

round cut and princess cut diamond cut

Image via Rockher

Featuring a classic shape, the round diamonds have been around the 17th century. The style has gone through several changes, mainly for inventing a cut that displays the maximum sparkle and brilliance.

The princess cut, on the other hand, is a newer style that was invented in 1961. After several changes in the cut, the current shape has been finalized in 1980.

A round brilliant diamond is the most popular cut of diamonds in the world, whereas the princess cut comes second in this regard.

Shape And Sparkle

The round cut, as the name suggests, looks completely round. Known for its remarkable precision and symmetry, the diamond has 58 facets that refract light from all angles. For this reason, no other gemstone comes close to producing the intense white sparkle of round brilliant diamonds. 

With a square or slightly rectangular shape, a princess cut diamond looks like an inverted pyramid. It also has 58 faces and offers bright sparkle but that is not enough to beat the brilliance of round diamonds. In fact, this cut reflects 70% of the light that goes through it, while a round diamond reflects 90% of light. 

Color Masking

Both cut styles are good at concealing color and blemishes in the diamonds. This allows you to purchase a less expensive stone with a lower clarity and color grade. However, a round brilliant does this job better because of its better light refraction rate. 


A round cut diamond engagement ring is the most expensive of all styles. So, a princess cut is a more suitable option if you are on a budget. The price will be even lower if the princess diamond is slightly rectangular or has an irregular shape. 

Comparing Between Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Vs Marquise Cut

round cut and marquise cut diamond cut

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Marquise and round cut diamonds are quite dissimilar in their appearance and performance. If you want to make a decision between the two, check these differences:

Cut Style

A round diamond is cut to show a round shape. It is quite symmetrical and the cutting of all facets is precise. Symmetry is the key to the cut of marquise diamonds too but they resemble the shape of a boat or eye. 


round cut and marquise cut diamond cut

Image via Rockher

A round diamond reflects 90% of light passes through it. No other cut style can replicate this performance. Marquise diamonds sparkle too because of being a modified brilliant cut but it's way less than the dazzling sparkle of round diamonds.

Perceived Size

Marquise diamonds are unique in the sense that they give the illusion of being bigger than their actual carat weight. However, round diamonds don't look that much bigger as the marquise cut. 


Because of their worldwide popularity, round diamonds are readily available. Compared to this, marquise diamonds are hard to find because of a limited supply. 

Despite the rarity, the marquise cut is as inexpensive as emerald cut stones. But the round cut is the most expensive of all diamonds.

Best Color Grade For Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Dome Ring with round cut diamonds

Image via Merjuri

When it comes to which color grade to choose for round cut diamonds, the answer is often quite personal. Some prefer a higher color grade to make their diamond look colorless and sparkle more brightly. Others like the lower grades because they are less expensive. 

The D-F (colorless) diamonds are highly popular and expensive. However, you can choose a lower color grade too because round diamonds hide color well with brilliant sparkle. So, you can easily go with an H, I, or lower color grade and save a handsome amount of money. Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality.

Cartier Destinee wedding band ose gold with 22 brilliant cut diamond

Image via Cartier

When selecting a color grade for a round diamond, it is important to choose a color that will complement the ring's setting. A white gold or platinum band is perfect for J or higher color, as these diamonds have minimal hints of color. If you plan to use gold settings, go for K or L because the slight yellowish tone will complement the band's color.

What'S The Best Clarity For A Round Cut Diamond?

Etincelle de Cartier Solitaire platinum with a brilliant cut diamond center

Imge via Cartier

The best clarity for round cut diamonds is an eye-clean diamond, which does not show any inclusions to the naked eye. It's easier to find an eye-clean round diamond because this cut is the best at disguising flaws. 

For a half-carat diamond ring, you can choose the SI2 clarity without thinking twice. It will appear eye-clean unless you are looking at it through a loupe. For a 1 to 1.5-carat diamond, SI1 clarity is fine, as it won't show any inclusion. 

However, if you are looking to purchase a large diamond (bigger than one and a half carat), go for the VS2 clarity for having a clean surface. 

Upgrading from one clarity grade to another will make the price tag take a big jump. And you don't really need a high clarity when it's a round diamond. Its excellent brilliance and sparkle will cover up all blemishes unless they are too noticeable. 

The Perfect Dimensions For Round Cut Diamonds

round brilliant diamond cut solitaire platinium

Image via Tiffany

The sparkle of a round cut diamond is enchanting and much of it depends on the perfect shape. A perfect ratio is an essential part of a diamond's beauty and value. You obviously don't want the precious stone to look bulky and distorted. 

Diamonds with a length-to-width ratio between 1:1 and 1:1.03 will be considered most desirable. This ratio will embody excellent proportions, creating a beautiful round shape. Don't choose one with a width ratio above 1.05. The ring will have a strange appearance because the stone won't be a perfect round. 

For other measurements, you can follow the dimensions of the American Standard cut. In this cut, the table diameter is 53% of the girdle, which ensures a magnificent amount of white sparkle or brilliance. A larger table is good for brilliance, while a smaller table creates more fire than sparkle. 

Three Stone Engagement Ring with Sapphire Side Stones in Platinum

Image via Tiffany

For the maximum brilliance, the crown height should be 16.2% of the girdle diameter and that percentage has to be 43.1 for the pavilion depth. 

The crown and pavilion angle has to be precise because it helps with creating sparkle by returning light. For this cut, 40.8° pavilion and 34.5° crown produce the best white sparkle. The angles could be different too. You just have to make sure that the crown height by pavilion depth ratio is 1 : 2.6.

The Best Settings For A Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Round cut stones are extremely versatile — they will work in pretty much any ring style, from standing alone in a solitaire to being the center-stone in a blingy round halo setting. No matter the setting chosen, a round brilliant stone will always work.

If you are looking for a suitable style, choose one from the following options:


Destinee Solitaire platinum with a brilliant

Image via Cartier

A round cut diamond mounted in a solitaire setting can be used with an 18-karat gold band. This type of ring is simple and elegant with the diamond on top of the ring with no side stones.

A solitaire setting is not only less expensive than other options but also creates the optimum sparkle by allowing passing the maximum light. 

If the stone is large (over 2 carats), use a prong setting for the solitaire diamond. Both 4 and 6 prong styles will look good and keep the stone secure to the band.|


paved solitaire rose gold with brilliant cut diamond

Image via Cartier

Pavé setting for round diamond rings is a popular and unique style. With this intricate and delicate setting, the ring will alter the appearance of a traditional solitaire engagement ring to give it a contemporary look. The ring band has multiple tiny diamonds that make the whole ring sparkle and shine with a beautiful gleam. 


Soleste Round Brilliant Double Halo Engagement Ring with Pink Diamonds in Platinum

Image via Tiffany

If you find yourself looking for a ring setting that complements your center stone, you might want to consider the Halo setting. The balance of the ring is created by the band that circles around the center diamond. This band could be of metal, small diamonds, or other gemstones, which reflect light off of the ring in a way that makes the center stone appear larger. 

The center stone becomes more noticeable and eye-catching when it's paired with a halo setting around it.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Faqs

Q. How Much Does A 2-Carat Round Cut Diamond Cost?

A. The price of a diamond varies, depending on its color and clarity grades, cut quality, and a few other factors. If the diamond is real, a 1-carat round cut will cost between $5k and $5.5k, considering it comes with G color grade, VS2 clarity, and Excellent cut. 

Having similar specifications, a 2-carat will cost around $12k to $20k because it's harder to find a rough diamond that is bog enough to craft a bigger diamond. 

Q. What Is A Round Cut Diamond Ring?

A. A round cut diamond ring has a round diamond as the center stone. The diamond has 58 facets and offers an unmatched scintillation. These rings are the most popular choice for engagements and weddings all around the world. 

Q. Are Round Diamonds Worth More?

A. Yes. Round diamonds are the most expensive of all cut styles. It's because crafting a round shape wastes a high percentage of the rough diamond. The labor-intensive process of cutting the facets and outstanding brilliance also add to the exorbitant price.

Q. What Is A Round Engagement Ring?

A. A round engagement ring is a ring that has a round diamond or another gemstone in the center. The classic cut exudes a traditional style and is quite popular among couples everywhere.

Q. Is A Round Cut Diamond The Best?

A. Considering the worldwide popularity and unmatched brilliance and sparkle, round diamonds are undoubtedly the best cut of all styles. However, it still depends on the taste of the wearer. There are still millions of people who will prefer other cuts over a round diamond. 


Round cut diamonds are an excellent choice for engagements because they can be found at a range of prices, provide a classic look with plenty of sparkles, and are versatile enough to go with various bridal styles. Considering the quality, a round cut diamond engagement ring is available at various price ranges, so it is possible to find one that fits your budget.

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