How to Reset a Diamond Ring: Cost, How to & Best Kept Secrets!
Resetting a diamond ring by adding color gemstone: before after

How to reset a diamond ring is a well kept secret, as resetting is significantly less expensive than buying a new ring! Resetting means adding some stones, upgrading the center stone, adding a halo or something similar. A remodel, one might say!

There’s an old saying, “everything old is new again.” If it’s true, that means that since it’s old, the saying is actually new! And who doesn’t love a new saying? I’m pleased to be able to introduce you to it.

The saying—also an old/new again song by Peter Allen—points to eternal hope and to the transformational qualities in everything! How awesome. And you can participate in making something old brand new. All you have to do is reset an old ring. 

This article will make you the foremost authority on resetting a diamond ring! Beauty and brains too, right? So let’s get started.

Meghan Markle redesigned engagement ring with an added pave band

Meghan Markle redesigned engagement ring with an added pave band

One important thing to know as you consider resetting an engagement ring or other diamond ring is that it’s not really about fixing a problem.  It’s not really a repair method but an upgrade.  Here are some common reasons for resetting your diamond ring:

  • Be hip- You’re not the kind of urban sophisticate who runs around with a look that is outdated. Whether you picked up an awesome vintage ring or inherited one, if the look is dated, it’s no problem to get the hottest new look with a reset.
  • Be fresh- Elements of the ring may be tarnished or faded or discolored.  Resetting can take care of that.
  • Celebrate- People often celebrate an anniversary (usually of whatever the ring was originally for) with a reset of a ring.  But it can be anything, including a promotion at work, some kind of achievement.  It can also be an amazing gift for someone, particularly at an anniversary!
  • Get what you want- Over time, we change our minds about things. We have new experiences that bring new perspectives. It’s just so human to look at an old ring and find that there’s one thing about it you just don’t love anymore.  That’s what resetting is all about.
  • Flee old memories- Sometimes rings can be associated with bad memories. It can be the case that you got a ring from a relative who has passed; and even if you want to remember the person, the ring as it is can be too painful. A reset keeps the keepsake but plays a trick on your mind enough to keep painful emotions at bay.

Pros and Cons of Resetting a Ring

Is it just all candy and peanuts when it comes to a resize for your engagement or other ring? Or are there upsides and downsides?  Well, sure, there are both pros and cons to resizing, and here they are.


  1. Resetting a ring makes it look better- One of the common things people do when resetting a diamond ring is to upgrade the main stone.  Why not take something that you bought a long time ago or something that you got at a discount rate and improve upon it?
  2. Have it your way- An expensive ring such as an engagement ring is special and is a symbol.  That’s where a lot of its value comes from.  However, it may have been picked out as a surprise, without being designed by the wearer. Well, you have a right to the ring that you want and that looks good. So after the initial ceremony wears off, time to have the diamond ring reset.
  3. Get the band back together- A lot of times, wear and tear takes its toll on the band of a ring. The stone might still be dazzling. In this case, a reset is in order to get the ring back into its original beauty.
  4. Increase value- Perhaps you have an old vintage ring with a great gemstone.  The ring will have some value, mostly because of the gem itself.  If you move the antique old stone to a newer band it will be even more valuable.


  1. Not the best financial decision- Resetting a ring, whether a diamond, an engagement ring or any other ring, should make it look newer and nicer.  If the ring is damaged in a way that a reset won’t fix, it would probably be a better idea to just spend the money on a new ring.
  2. Resetter’s remorse- Basically, before you reset a ring, at least be sure to give it a lot of thought. Whether you’re resetting an engagement ring, a diamond ring, or another kind, you could regret it later. Say you add a whole new stone to an engagement ring, you will no longer have the exact ring that one spouse gave to the other as a keepsake.  You’ll always be saying “Well, this isn’t the original stone, but…”. Of course, you can take a photo or short video of the original before changing it. It’s just that there’s always a chance of changing your mind afterward.
  3. Offending a family member- If the antique ring you are resetting is a family heirloom passed from generation to generation, you may ask siblings or other loved ones before getting it reset. Even though the ring is yours, the fact of it being altered from the original could upset a relative, and a relative who’s upset by something like that is not the kind of relative you want to upset.

Cost of Resetting a Ring

One of the awesome things about resetting a ring is that it really isn’t expensive at all.  Now, that doesn’t mean it’s under a hundred dollars or anything like that, but on the scale of jewelry prices, it’s pretty minor.  Everyday rings may run about $80-$100, while engagement rings will be closer to $150-$250. It’s important to get an estimate beforehand.

How to Reset a Diamond Ring

You’re going to mostly let the jeweler to do all the work.  At least the technical stuff.  You do have some work to do, though. You have to have a very clear idea of what you want and have to be able to communicate your vision. Even if you’re no Picasso, try to make at least a rough sketch of what you’re looking for.  From there the jeweler will use CAD or another kind of software to get a nice model of the new ring.

You then take the ring into the jeweler. The process is fairly streamlined and straightforward.  It just depends on what you’re having done.  This can be a matter of putting in or taking out a stone.  Or the resetting can involve moving a prong or two.  Some resettings may involve cutting into the metal a bit and it may even require recasting the ring altogether.

Resetting Options

The options are limited mostly to your imagination.  A lot of resets these days are simple, going from four prong to three or vice versa.  However, one thing that has really been in fashion lately is putting a diamond into chunky yellow gold.  Check it out! 

Ways of Resetting a Ring

So what are the specifics ? What are the possibilities?  Here they are:

1. Add more diamonds

Bling is the thing, baby. If you’re going to pay for a resetting, and if you’re going to augment a ring, may as well go for more diamonds.  This is an option that will be about as quick and easy as possible for any jeweler, and it won’t be terribly expensive because of that.

2. How to reset a diamond ring: upgrade the setting

upgrade the setting of a diamond engagement ring

Upgrade the setting diamond engagement ring

This generally involves going to a different style of diamond, like from a marquise to an emerald cut.  But it can involve a fancier band, including a fancier metal.

3. Add diamonds for a 3-stone ring

reset diamond rings: add diamond for 3 stones ring setting

Add diamonds for a 3 stones setting

A 3-stone ring has stones representing past, present, and future. That’s why it’s grade as a reset. After you’ve worn the original ring until an anniversary or some milestone, you now have a past to commemorate.  Taking a ring with one stone and putting new diamonds on either side does the trick.  If you want stones on either side to make the one in the center look bigger, that’s one option.

4. How to reset a diamond ring: add a diamond halo

Diamond rings - resetting diamonds - add diamond accents in halo

This option is all about adding small diamonds (called accent diamonds) all around the band to create a halo effect.  It’s a really a big upgrade, but not one that takes a lot of metal work on the band. 

5. Add colored gemstones

Add colored gemstones to a diamond engagement ring

Add colored gemstones to a diamond engagement ring

This may be thinking out of the box just a bit.  But it’s a real upgrade and definitely something to consider.  Sapphires and rubies go just fine with diamonds, and all your girls will notice it right away—and be impressed!

6. How to reset a diamond ring: upgrade your center stone

 Resetting diamonds: upgrade for larger center stone

Upgrade for a larger center diamond

Go big or go home. If you’re going to do a reset, may as well go with a new center stone. It can be a more precious stone, a different cut, or just a bigger stone.

Tips for Resetting a Ring

First, find a jeweler you trust.  If you can’t use the services of a jeweler you’ve done business with before, go with word of mouth.  Go to a jeweler who has done work for one of your girls that they think is great. They should be able to vouch for both craftsmanship and integrity. Life’s too short, right?  Also, when communicating with the jeweler, make sure they get your vision.  If the communication is not a fit, you may have to move on.

Also, ask the jeweler if you can be there. Don’t throw a bunch of attitude—it’s cool. You’re just asking. It’s not uncommon, and now that this article is out, everyone will be doing it.

How to reset a diamond ring FAQ

Q. What does resetting a ring mean?

A. That’s a great question. Resetting a ring can mean a few different things. It generally means making a substantive change to the appearance of a ring. Commonly, a reset—of a diamond ring—an engagement ring—or other sort of ring, involves putting in a new stone, generally at the top of the band. It can be the main stone, but can often be additional stones (adding diamond accents). It can involve taking out the existing main stone, but it doesn’t have to.  Resetting a diamond or other ring can also mean changing the band (from white gold to yellow gold or platinum).

Q. Can I get a diamond ring reset?

A. Why yes you can. You can switch out the main stone for an upgrade or add more stones, such as a 3-stone ring or a halo setting.  Many people upgrade their engagement ring in this way.

Q. Is it expensive to reset a diamond engagement ring?

A. Well, resetting a diamond ring costs a bit more than other rings. You’ll be paying for the sourced diamonds of course.  That’s partly why you can expect to pay about $150-$200 for a reset of a diamond ring.

Q. Are older diamonds more expensive?

A. That’s another insightful question.  The short answer to this is “not really.” Unlike a baseball card or many things you’d find in an antique shop, diamonds  don’t gain value simply for being old. In fact, the loss in luster and overall quality in a diamond can make its value go down (note that this is not true for loose diamonds).

Diamonds can be valuable if they have a story behind them, such as having appeared in a movie, having been owned by someone “important,” or if they are of a particular cut, such as the Old European cut or the old cushion cut. Otherwise, value of antique diamonds is based on the same things as newer diamonds: size, karat, luster, etc.