Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: How To Choose The Best One
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It's not easy getting down on one knee. Proposing can be nerve-wracking, leaving you with sweaty palms and all. But your chance of hearing a "yes" might get higher if you present her with a marquise cut diamond engagement ring!

A diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. A ring with a marquise cut will make any woman feel like royalty because it's a timeless shape that provides an elegant look without being too flashy.

The marquise cut diamond has a long, slender form with pointed ends that taper off to a smaller point. This delicate shape is well-suited for those who prefer something subtle and elegant. 

portia de rossi and ellen degeneres marquise engagement ring

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With its sleek shape and sparkling brilliance, this cut has been popular among high-profile celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones (received a 10-carat solitaire from Michael Douglas) and Portia de Rossi (Ellen DeGeneres proposed her with a 3-carat on twisted band). So, if you're looking for a little inspiration or want to know why everyone should be choosing the marquise cut diamond engagement ring, then keep reading! 

Inside the History of Marquise Cut Diamonds

The Marquise cut is a timeless and elegant diamond that has been in fashion for centuries. The history of the cut dates back to the late 18th century, during the time of King Louis XV. He hired a jeweler to invent a diamond cut for his beloved mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. And the result was the marquise cut. After its debut in the 1740s in France, the style quickly became a status symbol among European aristocrats.

 Madame de Pompadour

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Legend has it that the first marquise cut diamond was carved in the shape of Madame de Pompadour's lips because the king wanted the diamond to resemble her. Whether the story is true or not, the cut has a distinct boat-like shape (or an American football if you are looking for a modern reference). For this reason, it's also known as "navette", which literally means "little boat."

The name "marquise" actually came from the coat of arms of courtiers, displaying their rank. The shape was similar to this cut and the rank of these people was "Marquis", which was between the ranks "count" and "duke."

A Nautical Shape?

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The diamond cut was quite popular during the Edwardian period too. Although the reason behind this admiration is not clear, it could be because of its nautical shape. At that time, sailing was a favorite pastime of the aristocracy and high-society people, so it's possible that they appreciated everything that looks like a boat.  

white gold marquise diamond ring 3 42ct

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After Europe and England, the marquise cut conquered America too in the 1950s. When the initial enthusiasm waned out, it took another decade for the diamond shape to regain the favor. It started trending again in the 1970s when Aristotle Onassis gave a marquise diamond ring to Jacqueline Kennedy.

The popularity of the marquise cut diamonds has ebbed and risen throughout the course of history. It has never been widely popular in modern times but has always been favored by a small fan-following. 

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: nutmeg marquise solitaire in east west setting with hidden halo and half eternity band
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What Makes the Marquise Cut Diamonds Special?

jasmin solitaire

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The marquise diamonds are beautiful, elegant, and distinctive. A truly special one should have an elongated profile that's symmetrical up and down. This will ensure that you're getting the best possible carat weight in return without sacrificing too much of its light performance. 

If you're looking for a diamond that's long and lean, then the marquise cut may be just what you need. It has a symmetrical shape with pointed ends, featuring an elongated oval shape in between.

If the size is not an issue (or if the budget isn't), then go ahead and shop around until you find something with some "bling" factor!

The features that separate the marquise cut from other styles are: 

Outstanding Sparkle

cartier marquise diamond ring

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Because of being a brilliant cut, a marquise diamond features a maximum of 57 facets. It delivers sufficient drama with bright sparkle, thanks to the 33 facets on the crown and 24 on the pavilion. Just like any other brilliant diamond, it offers plenty of fire and brilliance. 

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: The Bow-tie Effect

promise marquise cut diamond engagement ring

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A marquise cut diamond is a beautiful gem to behold. This cut has a bow-tie effect that adds an intriguing touch to the stone's faceting. The bow-tie, which is quite visible without a loupe, looks like a dark band across its "belly." It is subtle, but it does come out in certain light. These diamonds are expensive but worth it for how spectacular they are.

Many people believe that a bow-tie effect is a flaw in the diamond. But this phenomenon is actually quite common in fancy cut styles, including oval and marquise. Without a bow-tie, these diamonds will return less brightness. 


Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: elsa peretti marquis band ring
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The marquise cut diamond is known for its balanced symmetry. The points of the marquise are sharp, while the outer curves are gentle. Beginning at the center of the pavilion, look for symmetry on either side of the diamond that continues out to the point.


The shape of the marquise cut diamond is one of its most defining characteristics. They look like a boat or rugby ball, which describes how they curve on each side with pointed ends. A marquise diamond should measure about twice as long as it is wide for a good look.

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Look Bigger than Size

marquise diamond pave signet ring

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Marquise cut diamonds are popular among brides-to-be for their elongated figure. The cut is designed to appear larger than its size. Although the weight will still be noted on the appraisal, a diamond with a marquise cut can seem bigger, even if it has an equal carat weight as another shape. 

This is likely due to the way light interacts with the long facets of the cut, making it seem bigger and more brilliant. It also makes the wearer's finger look slender and longer. 


marquise cut diamond close

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For the same size and quality, the cost of a marquise cut diamond will always be less than a round cut diamond. This is due to greater rough diamond wastage in a round cut as opposed to the marquise cut. The latter's elongated profile makes it use a greater percentage of the rough diamond. The lesser amount of wasted material means that marquise stones generate higher margins for jewelers to turn a profit.

The Matching Game: Which Bridal Style Is for the Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: purity marquise diamond solitaire bezel set in platinum
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For engagement rings, marquise cut is not that popular like the round brilliant and cushion cut. But it still has a small but ardent fan following. Some non-traditional brides will definitely like the dramatic look and illusion of a brilliant scintillation.

The cut has been a popular choice among a small segment of people, including celebrities and well-known designers. It is favored by those who want to make a statement with their jewelry, while also staying true to the classic appeal of an engagement ring. 

18k white gold yellow sapphire diamond ring 0 57ct

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A marquise diamond is elegant in its simplicity, but it still manages to stand out from other rings on the market today. It's a perfect choice for a woman who wants an elegant, understated look. The unique shape of the diamond flatters all shapes and sizes, making fingers look svelte.

Many jewelers consider the marquise cut to be a more feminine diamond because of the tapered ends that make it look like an elongated teardrop. Also, it gives your overall appearance a high dosage of vintage appeal. Just a solitary diamond can make you look and feel like royalty, but you can further glam it up by adding colorful gemstones or tiny diamonds.

A modern bride will love marquise diamonds for their timelessness and ability to complement any outfit or body type.

Marquise Cut vs Princess Cut: Main Differences

  marquise vs princess cut

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No two cuts of diamonds are similar. Each is unique with its own brilliance, shape, and other features. The only similarity that marquise and princess cut diamonds share is their vulnerable corners, which are susceptible to easy chipping. 

The dissimilarities between them are:

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Origin

The marquise cut has a royal origin story, and no other cut can beat it in this regard. King Louis XV commissioned a jeweler to create this cut style. Also, there was a rank called "marquise" for the courtiers in the royal court. Such a rich and regal historical connection has created a fascination for this cut. 

Comparatively, the princess cut is a modern addition to the world of diamond cuts. It was first created in 1980, and it became successful in earning the approval of diamond lovers within a short time.


Marquise stones are long and thin, tapering more gradually than other diamond shapes like round or oval. It looks like a rugby ball, boat, or eye, and this elliptical shape is quite exclusive in the world of diamonds. 

On the other hand, a princess diamond is basically square, but there could be some rectangular versions too. However, a perfect princess cut should be square because the price becomes lower with the extension of the length. 


The marquise cut is not widely popular. It has only a small group of admirers. On the other hand, the princess cut diamonds are among the most popular diamond styles for engagement rings. In fact, they are just behind the round brilliant cut in terms of popularity. 


Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: 18k white gold marquise cut diamond ring 0 53ct
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Although a marquise diamond does not shine the brightest of all the cuts of diamonds, it does have an allure created from its special shape. This sparkle brings a new level of sophistication to the diamond world.

The princess cut diamonds also display a great sparkle. They show more fire and brilliance than other square-shaped diamonds.

Cut Style

The cut is the most important factor of the 4 Cs when choosing a marquise cut diamond. A body with a too narrow profile reduces the radiance significantly. The bow-tie effect will be minimal in a perfectly cut marquise diamond. 

The cut style of a princess diamond matters a lot because a small mistake can reduce the value by a greater margin. It should be a perfect square; anything rectangular means a much lower price. 

A Comparison Between the Marquise Cut vs Round Cut

marquise vs round cut

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Both marquise and round diamonds are brilliant cuts, so both of them shine with unmatchable sparkle. However, these styles share more differences than similarities.


A marquise diamond is a modified brilliant cut that offers adequate brilliance. However, it still does not match the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond. A round diamond can reflect a staggering among of light to display breathtaking brilliance and fire.  

Unique cuts

The marquise diamond cuts are actually quite different from the regular brilliant cut. For one, its sides are longer, which means more surface area is exposed to capture light. Moreover, this style can be considered more dynamic as it displays a slimmer shape that is long and pointy on both ends. Marquise diamonds have an elongated shape, which makes them more appropriate for rings with ornate details. 

But round diamonds are cut to an ideal proportion that is similar to most brilliant cuts. These diamonds have a balanced look with symmetrical faceting on all sides of the stone.

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Popularity

promise marquise cut diamond engagement ring

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Around 75% of all diamonds sold across the world are round brilliant. It's also the most popular choice for engagement rings. Marquise diamonds are at the opposite end of that popularity spectrum and have only a small group of admirers. 


Round diamonds are more available because of their worldwide demand. A major amount of rough diamonds are crafted into round diamonds. However, the supply of marquise diamonds is very limited, which means these diamonds can be hard to find.


According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), a diamond's cut grade can affect its value by as much as 50 percent. For that reason, round diamonds are the priciest of all cuts because of their exceptional brilliance and a higher percentage of rough diamond wastage. 

A marquise diamond costs much less than a round and several other diamond cuts because of the less wastage percentage.

The Marquise Cut vs Cushion Cut: What're the Differences?

marquise vs cushion cut

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Both cushion and marquise cuts are a variation of the brilliant cut. However, you will find them quite different from each other based on a couple of criteria. 


The elliptical marquise diamonds have a unique boat- or eye-like shape, featuring a wide pavilion meeting to pointed corners. It's a quite uncommon profile that does not resemble any other available cuts. 

On the contrary, a cushion cut diamond is square or slightly rectangular. It has smooth, curved edges with rounded or slightly sharp corners, which make it look like a cushion or pillow. 

Number of Facets

There are 57 facets in a marquise cut diamond. If you compare that to the cushion cut diamonds, they have between 64 facets because the style is a blend between the modern oval cut and the old mine cut. 


promise marquise cut diamond engagement ring

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Because of being derived from a brilliant cut, marquise diamonds display exceptional brilliance and sparkle. On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds are available in various styles. Among them, the cushion brilliant cut returns the most light to create a brilliant sparkle.


Marquise and cushion cuts have almost similar prices, but the former is the rarer of the two. The cushion cut is the most common brilliant cut, and cutting diamonds after this style is quite easier. However, the styles of marquise and cushion cuts are both very different, and they're equally beautiful.

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Visual Impression

A marquise cut diamond looks larger than most other stones of the same carat weight. That's because of its elongated structure that delivers an optical illusion. Because of the extended length, it shows a bigger face-up size than other styles. 

On the other hand, cushion cuts are known for delivering a flattering look due to their symmetrical properties and bright flashes of light. However, they are some of the smallest looking diamonds according to their size because of the square length-to-width ratio.

Which Color Grade Should I Choose for My Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Marquise cut diamonds are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also offer the best value when it comes to carat weight. With so many options available, you may be wondering which color grade is right for your marquise cut diamond ring. 

The GIA color grade is one of the most reliable ways to determine diamond quality. For both round and marquise diamonds, the scale runs from D to Z, with D being pure white (completely free of any yellow or brown tint) and Z having a light yellow or brown tone. 

sterling silver pave diamond marquise ring size 6 5

Image via David Yurman

The best way to ensure you get the most for your money is by choosing an H or I color grade, which means the diamond is near colorless. This means they have very little hue and are almost completely clear. Another grade in this spectrum is J, but it's not suitable since marquise diamonds show too much color around their pointed ends. 

Choose Your Color Grade Carefully

Diamonds with a color grade of K or L have an ever-so-slight yellow tint that would not be noticeable to the naked eye, while M and N diamonds contain even more slight discoloration than their lower counterparts. If you want less expensive marquise cut diamond rings, with little to no color variation, choose a grade of I or J.

For those looking for the absolute best and most expensive marquise cut diamond rings, choose an E or F color grade. These stones are considered truly colorless diamonds because they contain absolutely no yellow tint whatsoever — even up close under magnification! If you want to make sure your ring is as beautiful as possible, diamonds with a color grade of E-F are the way to go.

If you have to choose a low color grade because of a tight budget, choose a ring setting that hides the pointed ends of the stone under prongs.  

What is the Best Clarity for a Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

clarity form flawless to included

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When you are looking for a marquise cut diamond ring, one of the first things you will want to consider is clarity. Clarity grades range from IF or Internally Flawless to I3 or Included (3rd degree). 

What does that mean? Is there an "ideal" grade for a marquise cut diamond ring? For an average marquise cut diamond engagement ring, this stone can range in size from 1/2 carat to over 3 carats, and the clarity of the diamond will make all the difference when it comes to its beauty.

Since flaws can affect how much light passes through from one side to another, you should not choose a low clarity grade. Because of the inclusions, the brilliance will be severely affected. 

The best possible clarity for a marquise cut diamond would be internally flawless because this quality means that there are no inclusions inside the stone. But an IF grade diamond will be ridiculously expensive. 

An ideal grade could be SI1 (Slightly Included) or SI2, which will show minor flaws. A marquise cut diamond with a clarity of VS (Very Small Inclusions) or better will be more expensive. But that grade will definitely be worth the investment if you want to make sure that your stone has maximum sparkle

Which Length to Width Ratio is the Best for a Marquise Cut Diamond ?

tamora marquise centre and marquise diamond petals

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When you are looking for a marquise cut diamond, one of the first things that you need to consider is the ratio between its length and width. It can be hard to know what all those numbers mean, but we're here to explain everything.

The width of a marquise cut is measured at the widest point of the diamond. The length, on the other hand, is taken from one tip to another and includes both ends. 

The length of the diamond could be anywhere between 1.50 to 2.50 for a width of 1.00. It will look fat in the middle if you choose a ratio of 1.50 for the length. On the other hand, a 2.5 length ratio will make it look slimmer. So, a 1.75 or 2.00 length ratio seems ideal, but it ultimately depends on personal preference. 

What's the Worth of a 2-Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

The price of a loose diamond depends on the 4Cs. If you are purchasing a ring, you have to pay for the side stones, ring's band, labor, brand name, and a few other things. 

Considering all factors, a 1-carat marquise diamond should cost around $4,500. At this price, you will get one with VS1 clarity and I color grade. So, a 2-carat marquise with the same grades could be around $10k to $12k.

Best Settings for Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The perfect setting for a marquise cut diamond engagement ring allows the stone to take center stage. People who purchase marquise cut diamonds are typically looking for something unique and different rather than traditional, so it is important to make sure the stone is placed in an eye-catching setting. 

1) East-west setting 

 nutmeg marquise solitaire in east west setting with hidden halo and half eternity band

Image via Taylorandhart.Com

The east-west setting is a wonderful way to put a twist on the traditional look of a marquise cut diamond. It keeps the stone parallel to the finger. This setting spices up the traditional look and gives it a modern edge. 

2) Bezel setting 

platinum marquise cut diamond ring

Image via Pragnell Vintage

A bezel setting encircles the entire diamond and allows for more space between the stone and your finger. This type of setting will bring your marquise diamond to the forefront. Choose a half-bezel or semi-bezel setting for a cleaner look.

3) Halo setting 

rose and white double halo engagement setting marquise cut diamond engagement ring

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If you are looking for a classic look, then go with a halo engagement ring. The halo is typically made up of smaller diamonds that surround the center stone. It's a timeless style that evokes sophistication and elegance.  

4) Split-shank setting

split shank halo setting marquise cut diamond engagement ring

Image via Adiamor.Com

A split-shank setting is perfect for a marquise cut because it makes the diamond look larger. The band wraps around the stone and meets in the center, dividing it into two equal parts.

5) Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Solitaire setting 

 1477 classic marquise diamond cut solitaire

Image via 77Diamonds.Com

If you are looking for something simple and traditional, then a marquise cut diamond solitaire engagement ring is the way to go. It evokes a vintage charm while keeping the focus on the diamond only. 

6) Three stone setting

utopia marquise diamond centre and tapered baguettes set in 18ct rose gold

Image via Taylorandhart.Com

The marquise cut diamond can be called the "diamond of desire" for its unique shape and brilliant look. It can be put in a three-stone ring with other diamonds to give it an extra sparkle. This type of marquise cut diamond engagement ring works well if you want to show off and love to be a tad extravagant.


Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: FAQs Section

engagement ring with marquise cut diamond 

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Q. Are marquise cut diamond engagement rings more expensive?

No. In fact, marquise diamonds are less expensive than almost all diamond cuts. It's because the percentage of rough diamond wastage is quite low at the time of crafting. Compared to the round diamonds, which are the most expensive cuts, their cost per carat is much lower. 

Q. Are marquise diamonds out of style?

No. It's true that marquise is not on the list of most popular diamonds out there. The unorthodox shape and vulnerable pointed edges put many people off. But its vintage charm and slender figure have earned a loyal fan following.  

Q. Is marquise a good diamond cut?

Diamonds are often cut to enhance their brilliance, which is the amount of light that reflects off of the table. When considering the cut of a diamond, it is important that it has symmetry and possesses both brilliance and fire.

Although not on par with round brilliant, cushion, and princess cut diamonds, the marquise is a good enough cut to offer plenty of sparkles. 

Q. Are marquise diamonds valuable?

Diamonds are not some kind of cheap stones like moissanite or cubic zirconia. They are valuable gemstones. So, a marquise cut diamond with a good cut style, color grade, and clarity will cost thousands of dollars. However, the cut is still less expensive than the popular styles like round, oval, cushion, or a pear shaped diamond. 


Engagement rings are one of the most important aspects of a marriage. They symbolize eternal love, commitment, and togetherness. So, the ring should show that you plan on spending the rest of your life with your partner. A marquise diamond on the engagement ring can make it truly special not only because of its beauty and brilliance but also for its connection to a royal legacy.

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