8 Tips To Choose A Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring (2024)
Top 8 Tips To Choose A Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring (2024)

A baguette diamond engagement ring is one of the most popular engagement rings around today and for good reason! In fact, the diamond shape is the most prominent reason for making this diamond cut so special. It is beautiful, versatile, and exudes a timeless beauty with an atypical shape. So what exactly is a baguette cut diamond? 

The name "baguette" comes from the French word meaning "thin loaf of bread." Baguettes are thin rectangular-shaped diamonds that have straight edges with sharp angles. The shape is reminiscent of a thin loaf of bread lying on its side. This gives it a distinctive look that sets it apart from other round or oval-shaped diamonds.

vintage baguette diamond engagement ring

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A diamond ring is a symbol of eternal love and commitment to one another. Baguette diamond engagement rings take that sentiment and intertwine it with natural beauty. Let's dive into the details about the unique-shaped diamond and its journey from accent stones to the center stage in an engagement ring.  

The History Of The Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

satin finish ring with vertical baguette diamond

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Everybody knows that baguette diamonds are named after that French bread, right? Well, no! Turns out that the history of elongated diamonds goes back a couple of hundred years beyond the century-old bread

“Baguette" means "wand" or "rod" in French, so it makes sense how this rectangular diamond has earned its name. Stones with this particular style are around three times as long as they are wide.

Tracing its historical root will take you to the 16th century when an elongated table-cut diamond named "hogback" was used for making monogrammed letters. It evolved into the baguette cutting style in 1912 by Cartier. Other designers embraced and celebrated the style in the following decades.

Baguette Cut Diamond

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So, the baguette cut, in the true sense, landed into the diamond world in the 1920s when the Art Deco movement started making noise. Just like the Art Deco style, baguette diamonds feature a highly streamlined contour with geometric facets. Their anti-traditional elegance and clean appearance look highly fashionable in a modern context. 

The Vintage Charm From The '20S And '30

Amal Clooney Engagement Ring

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The nostalgia of geometric shapes and decorative arts make the diamonds easily fit into a classic setting. Despite not having much sparkle, they are here to stay, thanks to the alluring beauty. 

For this reason, along with the distinctive elongated profile, these diamonds are perfect for a variety of other jewelry pieces such as earrings and pendants.

Like all other cut styles, the baguette cut also receives celebrity love. The most famous of them is probably Amal Clooney's $750k engagement ring. It featured a 7-carat emerald diamond with side-tapered baguettes. 

Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Gisele Bündchen, Priyanka Chopra, and many others too could not ignore the intriguing beauty of side-tapered baguettes. These have been a timeless pick for framing the main stone in an engagement ring. 

Emerald Diamond Cut Vs Baguette Diamond Cut

Emerald vs Baguette Diamond Cut

Image by DiamondGalaxy via Shutterstock

It's hard to miss the similarities between baguette and emerald diamonds. However, despite the unmistakable visual resemblance, they reveal many differences if you look closely. 

Facets And Cut Style For Baguette  Diamond Engagement Ring

Just by looking at them, you will notice the difference in their number of facets. A baguette has only 14 facets when an emerald cut diamond can have anything between 50 and 58. Both diamond types have a rectangular shape but baguettes are narrower and longer.

Resilience And Strength

Compared to all other diamond cuts, baguette diamonds suffer damages like cracks and chipping pretty easily. It happens because of having a long, narrow shape and flat surface area. 

Baguette Diamond Ring

Image by Steven Yu via Pixabay

Also, the corners of these diamond types are pretty different. Emerald diamonds have cropped corners but baguettes have straight, sharp ones that are vulnerable to chipping and breaking. 

Carat Availability

The available baguette cut diamonds are mostly smaller, between 0.5 and 1 carat weight, because they are used as accent stones. So, it will be rare to find one that weighs over 1 carat. But emerald diamonds are available in larger carat weights since they are often used as the focal point of a ring. 

Shine And Sparkle Of Baguette Diamond Engagement Rings

The sparkle of baguette diamonds is pretty underwhelming mainly because of the small number of facets. If you want some fire and brilliance in this cut, choose the brilliant baguette. 

Ballerina Setting Baguette diamond ring

Image by LPLJewelry via Etsy

An emerald cut diamond has more sparkle than the baguette diamond, but the brilliance is still subtle compared to most other popular diamond cuts. 

Baguette Vs Tapered Baguette Vs Brilliant Baguette Diamonds

Apart from the regular baguettes, these diamonds are also available in tapered and brilliant styles. How are these types different from each other? Let's find out. 

Regular Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Cut Diamond

Image by DiamondGalaxy via Shutterstock

These are rectangular baguette diamonds with 14 facets. Unlike emerald or asscher cut diamonds, they have sharp corners that are quite vulnerable. The length of the stones is usually 5 times longer than the width. They display a muted brilliance and sparkle. 

Tapered Baguette Diamonds

Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond

Image by DiamondGalaxy via Shutterstock

These baguettes are just like the regular ones, except for one tapered end. One end of the stone is narrower than the other, creating an elongated taper. Because of their unique shape, these stones create more visual drama than their regular counterparts when used in a setting as accent stones. 

Brilliant Baguette Diamonds

This cut is perfect for those unimpressed with the muted sparkle of baguette diamonds. It's a mixed cut that integrates brilliant style facets with the baguette's own step-cut facets. Because of having triangular and kite-shaped brilliant facets on the pavilion, these diamonds produce a spectacular sparkle. 

Why Is "Each Cut Important" For A Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring?

What does a baguette cut stone have that others don't? It's the unique shape and the number of cuts. Unlike other diamond cuts, there are only 14 total facets in a baguette cut stone. This means each facet is important to ensuring the quality of your gemstone. 

Each cut has to be perfect for the diamond to look good. If there is any flaw in the craftsmanship or cutting, even if it's just one tiny imperfection, then you can see it easily in the diamond.

yellow gold marquise diamond ballerina engagement ring with baguette and round diamond accents

Image via Dianna Rae

Imperfect cutting will make the diamond look like a cloudy boulder, which is not at all desirable. Baguette diamonds already display less brilliance than other cuts. With poorly done cuts, it will show even less fire and sparkle. Because of this, the jewelers take extreme caution when cutting each facet to ensure that they are precise and perfect.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring 

Finding perfect baguette diamond rings can be a daunting task. There are various shapes, color grades, and clarity levels to choose from, making it hard to know where to start.

Before you go out and buy anything without doing your research, take these tips into consideration:

Precision Of Cuts

A baguette stone has only 14 facets, which is way fewer than other diamond cuts. Fewer facets mean these diamonds have subdued brilliance and sparkle, making the flaws in color and clarity more visible. For this reason, the cut of each facet has to be quite precise, or they won't cover up the imperfections. 

Color Grade

Baguette diamonds come in all different colors, so it's important to select one that will complement the metal and other stones of your ring. For example, if you choose a brilliant cut diamond as the main stone, the baguette accent stones have to be at least D to F color grades. Otherwise, the stones will show a noticeable difference in colors.


Just like other diamond shapes, baguettes come in different levels of clarity. Some are nearly flawless, while others have more visible blemishes. When selecting a baguette ring, it's important to consider how much you're willing to pay for the added clarity.

A high clarity level is not the most important feature to consider when choosing a baguette diamond. Just make sure that there are no discernible flaws and the stone is overall eye-clean.


Since baguettes are mostly used as side stones, their dimensions have to be perfect to fit the channels. The ideal length to width ratio of a regular baguette is 5:1 but it's a little different for a tapered style baguette. While the length is the same, the width of its tapered end will be slightly narrower than the other end.

5 Stunning Engagement Ring Settings For Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring 

The baguette diamond has been gaining popularity for engagement rings. The shape of these diamonds is unique and can add dimension to the ring itself. Whether you like simple or intricate, there are many ways to show off your stone! We will go into detail about some of our favorite settings that we think will help you find the perfect style for your special day.

Channel Setting Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Channel Setting Baguette Diamond Ring

Image via Brilliant Earth

Channel is a great way to accentuate the shape of a baguette diamond because it allows the stones to create a pattern for visual enhancement.  

It features a row of baguettes that line up on the shank of the ring. The stones sit between the metal walls without any prongs or bezels.

3-Stone Setting

Emerald Cut Morganite Diamond 3 Stones Ring

Image via Debebians

This setting usually has two diamonds on either side of the main stone to accentuate its shape. The three stones are typically set in a row and can be found in both gold and platinum metal settings. 

The most popular type of three-stone ring is the trilogy, which includes a center diamond, flanked by two smaller diamonds set on either side of the band. All three stones can be baguettes or mix-and-match with other cuts. A nice visual twist would be using two tapered baguettes as the accent stones.

Eternity Band Setting Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Baguette Channel Set Diamond Eternity Band

Image via Debebians

The eternity band is one of the most popular trends in jewelry. It features a row of tiny diamonds covering the entire length of the ring. Set the baguettes in an east-west or north-south direction as you want. 

To create some drama, you can add another diamond cut in between the baguettes. Or, set diamonds on one side of the shank and keep the other half empty. 

channel set baguette cut diamond wedding band

Image via Harry Winston

The delicate braid of diamonds creates an understated look that can be worn alone or with another ring. This piece is perfect for the modern woman who prefers a more subdued style.

Ballerina Setting

Ballerina Setting Baguette Diamond Ring

Image by LegacySaintJewelry via Etsy

In this setting, small baguettes surround the main stone to form a skirt resembling a ballerina’s tutu. The effect is best shown with tapered baguettes because they taper out towards the bottom, similar to a ballerina’s tutu. This setting is popular among many brides-to-be because of the femininity, elegance, and daintiness it exudes.

Vertical Baguette Setting

multi baguette diamond frame ring in 14k white gold

Image via Zales

If you want to use baguette diamonds as accent stones, set them in step-style to create a stairway effect. Such a geometric design is reminiscent of the Art Deco style. The accent stones add splendor to the center diamond, making it impossible to take your eyes off of this beauty!

Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - What Style Of Weddings Are They Popular For?

The style of the bride, her personality, and what she wants to portray are all important things when considering the engagement ring. Diamond styles are available in many options, ranging from traditional to trendy, to make the perfect match for the bridal dress and the overall style. 

Baguette cut diamonds are a popular choice for both men and women looking to stand out from the crowd. They offer a clean and classic look that is so versatile that they can be worn in just about any type of jewelry.

The shape of the stone has been popular in jewelry designs since the 1920s, so if you want a vintage-inspired look with a contemporary twist, this could be your best bet. So what style of weddings will these stones work best with? Here are some ideas:

Harlow Diamond Engagement Ring with Tapered baguette Diamonds

Image via Brilliant Earth

Contemporary: If you're having a modern wedding, then go for a modern-style engagement ring. Baguette cut diamonds will look great with sleek, minimalist designs. A wedding band with several small baguettes or baguette diamonds in a three-stone setting will look perfect for this style. 

Vintage: A vintage wedding is a perfect opportunity to wear an antique-inspired engagement ring. Look for rings with intricate details and lots of sparkles. Combine baguettes with another diamond cut in the engagement ring. For other jewelry pieces, use long strands of pearls and some gorgeous gems to create an elegant look that screams "old Hollywood."

Funky: A wedding with a funky theme is the perfect opportunity to wear some fun, unusual jewelry! Set your baguettes in a ballerina setting or pair them with colorful gemstones to create a contrast with the white bridal gown. 

How Much Does A Baguette Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Cost?

If you want to purchase a ready-made engagement ring with a baguette as the center stone, it will be quite hard. Baguettes are mostly used as side stones, which tend to be less than 1 carat. 

For a smaller than 1-carat baguette diamond ring, you may need to spend around $800 to $1,500. For a bigger one like 2 carat (which is rare to find), it will be over $2,000.  

Of course, the final price depends on the cut quality, color grade, and clarity. Baguette diamonds cannot hide flaws and inclusions very well. So, it will take a skilled hand to make the stone look flawless. Top-rate craftsmanship also adds to the price of a diamond. 

Of course, you can get cheaper alternatives but real diamonds always provide value for money. 

Final Words

If you are considering a baguette diamond engagement ring for your bride-to-be or yourself, use this guide as your reference. Make sure you choose the perfect cut, color, and clarity when purchasing the ring. A baguette diamond ring is an elegant choice for a woman who appreciates a sleek, chic look.

Faqs About Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

How Expensive Are Baguette Diamonds Engagement Rings?

These diamonds don't cost much comparable to other cut styles. If you compare the carat-to-carat price, it will come last to almost all other diamonds, including cushion cut, emerald, round brilliant, and other types. If you want to add volume to a ring, small baguettes as side diamonds are a cheaper option. 

Why Are Diamonds Called Baguettes?

Many people think that these diamonds are named after the French baguette bread. But this is not entirely true. The bread has been there from the last century, especially in 1920 in Paris but this style of diamond traces back to the 16th century. Cartier shaped it into the present style in 1912 and the name "baguette" was first used around that time. 

"Baguette" means "stick" or "pole", which resembles both the diamond and the bread. 

Do Baguette Cut Diamonds Sparkle?

Yes but the brilliance is subdued because of a small number of facets. It has only 14 facets compared to 50 or more facets in other cuts. Because of this difference, these diamonds often look cloudy as a faded sparkle cannot hide inclusions properly. However, there are brilliant cut baguette diamonds too that shine bright like other sparkling cuts. 

How Do You Clean A Diamond Baguette?

The caring routine for all diamonds is similar. On a regular interval, clean the ring with a jewelry cleaner or a mixture of lukewarm water and washing-up liquid. These diamonds have vulnerable pointed corners, so be careful when handling them.

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