Top 12 Most Amazing & Unique June Birthstones 2024 guide
June Birthstones - tiffany pearl ring

June birthstones. Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, and Emily Ratajkowsi were all born in the fabulous month of June.  This month, associated with summer but winter for those living down under, was named after the goddess Juno,  goddess of weddings and married couples.

As for birthstones, they came into being centuries ago, when people found a connection between the stars and people’s fortunes and lives.  In a particular month, certain stars appear in our night skies, others in the skies of other parts of the world.  The belief was that if you wore certain stones when certain stars were in the sky where you lived, that would increase your fortune.  Thus, birthstones.  And since then, they have evolved to what they are now.

People say X is the birthstone for June.  However, there are actually many choices for awesome gemstones for any month, include the those for the two astrological signs encompassed by the month.

Birthstones for the calendar month of June are Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone, Agate, Chalcedony and Emerald.

June birthstones for the zodiac signs of Gemini (Twins, May 21–June 21) and Cancer (Crab, June 22–July 22) are Sapphire, Ruby, Citrine, White Sapphire, Tiger’s Eye and Chrysoprase. 

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Let’s go through them all, since they all have fascinating stories!

June Birthstones #1: Pearl


June Birthstone - Golden South Sea Pearl Earring
Image via America pearl

Pearls are perfection.  Pearl-fection is a little hard to say.  The incredible smooth, roundness and shininess—these completely organic gemstones are like nothing else in the world. 

Natural pearls are produced by a tiny irritant in the bodies of some mollusks.  When something attacks them, they make pearls as a response. On the other hand, cultured pearls come from placing a bead into the animal, which it then coats with nacre, a strong, and iridescent, and also known as mother of pearl.

tahiti pearl clash ring

Image via Cartier

Multiple strands of pearls make amazing bracelets, while long pearl necklaces are a great addition to dresses or suits.

Pearls represent wisdom earned through experience.  They bring out a person’s loyalty and purity.

2. Alexandrite

June Birthstone -  Alexandrite ring
Image via Zales

This rare gem can appear as different colors in different light (pleochroism), and lends the wearer an air of sophistication and refinement.  This fine choice of a June birthstone was named for King Alexander II (totally different from Alexander the Great).

It’s often found in some shade of purple or blue and is very luminous, with clearly-defined colors.  Because it looks different in different light, it sure is easy to match with outfits.  Wear a pendant with this fragile, vulnerable stone with a casual Summer outfit, or earrings with more formal outfits.

Alexandrite is thought of as very mysterious because of its ability to change its colors.  For that reason, it is thought of, as both lucky and unlucky!  Because it can roam from one color to the next—having different identities—Alexandrite is believed to bring emotional balance to a person. 

3. Moonstone

Moonstones bracelet

Image via Cartier

This birthstone gets its name because it has glow that is said to be moonlike.  This is called the Schiller effect.  The glow can be milky and sometimes blue, and since it seems to move a bit, it’s really magical.  Tell me you’re not impressed. Moonstones can be found in blue, pink, peach, black, and white.  

A legend involving Moonstone is that on nights with a full moon, you can place the mineral in your mouth and you’ll be able to peer into the future.  What can it hurt? Just don’t tell anyone!

Moonstone is one of the best gems for lowering stress and for calming a mind.  It will sharpen your intuition and also lead you to inspiration.

June Birthstones #4: Agate

June Birthstone - blue agate butterfly pendant
Image by Macys

Agates are absolutely amazing stones.  Nowhere on Earth will you find quite this combination of earthiness and pure beauty. Agate is a form of quartz; it’s a semiprecious stone found in volcanic rock.  The most renown of them sport layers that show a change in chemistry, or stripes of different colors.  They come in varied tones of yellow, amber, and brown, as well as white.

Sometimes the patterns on agate are so intricate and pretty that they look like works of art. It’s amazing they were produced naturally.

black agate and zicon earrings

Image via Macys

Agates are great to form into cabochons and and are often beaded.  They are used in all sorts of jewelry.

Spiritually, Agate helps build concentration and clear thinking; in evens out one’s aura, warding off negativity.

5. Chalcedony


June Birthstones - Purple chalcedony flower teardrop earrings
Image via Adrift

Chalcedony is a category of gem that includes varieties such Onyx, Jasper, and Agate.  It is, in turn, a type of Quartz. The June birthstone comes in just about any color, even pink.  Some of the loveliest ones are a dreamy baby blue.

With a waxy, dull luster, chalcedony has a hardness of 6.5-7, making it durable and great for wearing in rings.  The fibers in chalcedony show concentric banding.

This tough little gem fosters good will and brotherhood.  It also brings one’s spirit and emotions to a full and complete harmony.  One type of Chalcedony, blue, is known for its help with a person’s creativity.

June Birthstones #6: Emerald

Round Emerald Ring

Image via Tiffany

Take yourself to the Emerald City, baby!  Emeralds are loaded with tons of history and legend.  One can’t deny the beauty of this gem with its pure, shimmering green colors.  It has big hexagonal crystals and is beautiful due to its clean, unmarked appearance.

One of the reasons Emeralds are so prized is their rarity.  While they are beautiful, they are often flawed, and synthetically treated to fix these flaws.  And while they are very hard, they also break easily, which makes them risky for uses in rings.  

June Birthstones - emerald earrings
Image via Cartier

Spiritually, Emerald corresponds to the heart chakra.  It brings freshness to a person’s soul and increases vitality. If one’s budget allows, why not treat yourself to an Emerald?

7. Sapphire

round sapphire ring

Image via Tiffany

When most people think of Sapphire, they think of the color blue, though Sapphire does come in many colors. The birthstone of the June signs Cancer and Gemini is in the corundum family, which also includes ruby.

You may know that Sapphire just as hard as a diamond, a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.  It possesses hexagonal crystals, and is one of the most precious and valued gemstones.

One of the most valued of the most valued is called Star Sapphires, which contain rutile particles called “silk.”  Well, these silky particles basically throw off light in a way that looks like a six-pointed star.  Are you the kind of star who deserves such a jewel?

Sapphires have a history as rich as their color.  The stone couldn’t possibly have more importance—ancient Greeks wore these stones to talk to an oracle, a wise fortune teller.  Some people believe that the tablets the Ten Commandments were carved in were sapphire.  

8. Ruby

June Birthstones - b zero1 necklace rubies
Image via Bulgari

Here is one stunning and bold gemstone.  It is heartbreaking red.  This is caused by traces of chromium. Other inclusions alter its color in various ways.

Rubies should be worn on your ring finger of your right hand.  The flaming gemstone is best set in white and yellow gold, and looks greatest when worn with red, black, or white.

Ruby helps its wearer by guarding against negative energy.  This gives you spiritual courage, energy, and  motivation.  As clear as a ruby’s brightness is, that is how clear you can expect to feel wearing one.

June Birthstones #9: Citrine

citrine serpent boheme ring

Image via Boucheron

Naturally, there’s a connection between Citrine and the word “citrus.” That’s because many citrine stones are a vivid orange, while they can also have some yellow and brown tones.  The stone is transparent.

Well, seekers of June birthstones, Citrine gets its color from traces of iron, and is sometimes confused with the glorious topaz.  Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Middleton are known to wear citrine.  It’s an amazing way to brighten up a look if you’re wearing clothes with subtle colors.  It goes with anything, and can give you glamour at a lower price than topaz.

Natural Citrine is the stone for someone with a hard task ahead who is looking for some courage.  It puts one on the right path with motivation and confidence.

10. White Sapphire

June Birthstone - lab created white sapphire ring sterling silver
Image via Kay

White Sapphire is actually clear, and that makes it a very rare form of Sapphire. The reason white these gems are clear is a lack of inclusions and chemical purity.  They are the purest form of corundum.

Both physically and spiritually, white sapphire is all about purity.  Specifically, it creates a purity—and clarity—of thought, in the wearer.  That is why it has such a reputation as a Wisdom Stone.  It also imparts pure joy in a person’s soul.

11. Tiger’S Eye

Pebble Cabochon Tigers Eye Pendant

Image by Stephanie Kantis via Macys

This fascinating stone is a yellow-brown type of quartz.  It was a unique type of luster called chatoyant, which means changing.  It gives off a strand of light when cut into cabochons.

These cabochons can be used in rings, pins, pendants, and other items.  Tiger’s Eye beads are awesome for necklaces.

You’re right if you guessed that the spiritual benefits of Tiger’s Eye would have to do with the boldness of the jungle cat, you’re right.  The gemstone helps a person take action, and it also helps a person come to clear decisions.

12. Chrysoprase

Diamond Chrysoprase Drop earrings

Image by Chopard

This quirky and really unique gemstone is usually found in an apple green.  This color comes from the mineral nickel.  The gemstone is awesome for beads and cabochons.  In addition to having healing properties, these gem helps a person attract new love and also find prosperity.

Gumball 18

Image by Irene Neuwirth

These are the great choices for June birthstones.  You can go funky with Tiger’s Eye or Agate.  You can go with simpler and brighter colors with stones such as Ruby and Sapphire. Or you can choose beautifully pale stones like Pearl or White Sapphire.  The choices are all good!

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