Discover 10 Of The Most Beautiful April Birthstones
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The best April birthstones! Ah, April! Isn’t it the favorite month of a lot of fashionable young people?  It’s the time when the sun comes out, the plants start growing and everything is full of life.  It’s great to get into the outdoors and have some fun after winter ends.

As for the month of April, it has 10 birthstones! Now, we think that’s wonderful, but it might be a bit hard to keep track of so many options for birthstones.

Birthstones for the calendar month of April are diamondsapphire and opal.

April birthstones for the zodiac signs of Aries (Ram, March 21–April 19) and Taurus (Bull, April 20–May 20) are amber, coral, emerald, turquoise, bloodstone, jasper and  topaz.

We’ll look at the appearance and hardness of these stones, highlight a couple of other qualities, and the great spiritual qualities that so many of these awesome april birthstones possess.

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1. Diamond: The Most Famous Of April Birthstones

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Image via Tiffany

Yes, diamond is one of the April birthstones! How cool is it to be able to sport a diamond and tell people it is your birthstone?

Well, how do we sum of diamonds? 

They are of course, top of the line, the most famous gemstone in the world.  In fact, they’re probably the most famous anything in the world.  Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth.  Many of them have that famous, alluring pure clarity, though there are also colored diamonds (which are called fancies). There are yellow, black, orange, pink, purple, even grey diamonds.

When you see any diamond in fashion jewelry, you know you’re getting only the best of them, since only about 20% of all mined diamonds are even used for jewelry.

cushion cut diamond

Image by Diamondgalaxy via ShutterStock

Diamonds are transparent to opaque, with adamantine luster and an isometric crystal system.  

Diamonds represent is innocence and purity, love and faithfulness. They also symbolize the loving, open nature of you, encouraging truth and trust.

They also symbolize looking fine and being fine!

2. Opal

April birthstones - Opal Ring in silver iridescent on white background
Image by Mivr via Shutterstock

The great thing about opals is that they are each individuals, different stones looking different from each other.  Opals are similar to quartz, but with microscopic circles of water inside them.  Gemstones of opal contain roughly 10% water.

There are many varieties of opal: water opal, white opal, crystal, black.  You should certainly know about fire opals, which are transparent to translucent with red or orange body colors.  They are super bright and saturated, but without much play of light.

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Image by NickKnight via Shutterstock

Sometimes you’ll also find moss opals, which literally have moss trapped inside. That’s the awesome thing about opals—they all have really nice patterns. I mean, some look like Chinese writing, some like flames or with floral patterns.

In Indian myth, the virgin princess of the rainbow was magically made into an opal by the Mother Goddess.  This protected her from the gods Vishnu and Shiva, who don’t collect minerals.

It brings, as a prism, a full spectrum of energy into the soul.

3. Sapphire, The Wisdom April Birthstone

lue sapphire Ring with Diamond jewelry group on white background isolate

Image by STUDIO492 via Shutterstock

Any way you slice it, Sapphire is fire. Sapphire gemstones are formed of a combo of ore and titanium, and those elements provide sapphire with a really bright and pronounced hue.  This is particularly true of the blue-hued sapphires.  It’s also what gives them elegance.  Now, as elegant as Sapphire is, you can show it off regularly.

Ow can that be? Well, that’s because sapphire has a hardness score of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.  It’s hard to find many 9s out there, particularly ones that will make you look so good.

Sapphire comes in blue, green, purple, pink, even black! If you want to wear it as your April birthstone, you’ll have plenty of choices. 

Blue Sapphire gemstone Round Cut close up on white isolate top view

Image by STUDIO492 via Shutterstock

As far as its spiritual properties, sapphire is associated with wisdom.  Ancient Greeks wore this sacred stone when seeking out the oracle, or fortune teller.  It helps people who want to direct their energies toward positivity to meet their goals.

4. Amber

round amber Gold Ring

Image by Antonio Chagin via Shutterstock

We now get into the gemstones for the star signs Taurus and Aries.

Amber is an amazing gemstone because it is made entirely from organic material.  The other thing about this unique material for gemstones is that it has a natural honey tone. Many of these stones are that color, and many are variations on it, with brownish and yellowish tones.

Because Amber is, technically, tree resin,  it was easy to find since ancient times.  It’s also easy to shape, and has been used in jewelry for 12,000 years.

Since it is so malleable, Amber is also low on the Mohs score—around 2—which is why it has to be handled with tender care.  Well, who would treat their jewelry any other way? 

Amber jewelry ring Natural Baltic amber

Image by Vladimir Noskov via Shutterstock

Amber provides awesome energy to the wearer.  This April birthstone also keeps the wearer safe from bad fortune.  Amber can really boost your fashion collection if you wish to use it as your birthday.  It’s Earthy-literally-and really work when you’re in a wistful mood.

5. Coral

Beautiful red coral jewelry pendant

Image via Shutterstock

Hey, two organic gemstones in a row! Yes, coral is also organic, and its story couldn’t be more beautiful.  There’s such a thing as coral polyps.  Now, when these die, their skeleton hardens, and that’s what the gemstone is.  A coral polyp gave its life for a great birthstone gem!  

Coral comes in at 3-4 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Its crystal system is amorphous (not of any fixed shape) and it is without cleavage. 

Red natural coral necklace on white background
Image by Anton Starikov via Shutterstock

Coral has great energies for a person, allowing you to realize that hardships you find are actually opportunities to learn and to grow.

6. Emeralds: Love And Truth April Birthstones

April birthstones - Emerald ring with diamond
Image by Photo World via Shutterstock

Emerald is one of the iconic gems of all time.  It’s impossible to hear the word without thinking of that striking green color.  And who can forget the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz?

Emeralds have big hexagonal crystals and are gorgeous in their simple, unmarked appearance. While they have a high hardness score, emeralds also crack easily, which is why they aren’t best for rings.   But the elegant stone can be beaded or cut into cabochons. 

orld via Shutterstock

Image by photo

Emerald symbolizes love and truth.  It is also a stone of intuition, helping a person make correct decisions in life.

7. Turquoise

April birthstones - Silver Native American Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
Image by AACTV via Shutterstock

This fascinating gemstone has a color named after it, and is that lovely blue-green. Turquoise is mined in a few select locales: dry areas where acidic, groundwater seeps works magic with minerals that containing aluminum and phosphorus. The result of this sedimentary process is a porous, semi translucent to opaque compound of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate.


Image by Nyura via Shutterstock

Turquoise is reasonably durable, with a hardness of 5 to 6.  It can be carved or cut into cabochons and makes wonderful pendants.

Turquoise is the only April birthstone that drives away negative energy and purifies.  It also boosts the immune system.

8. Bloodstone

tumbled green Heliotrope bloodstone

Image by Vvoe via shutterstock

Bloodstone is another word for heliotrope.  Most common and popular forms of this stone are a forest green with splatters of red.  It also has inclusions of pyroxene, and chlorite.  

This birthstone for April (and appropriate zodiac signs) is usually 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs scale. It has a vitreous luster.

Bloodstone is sometimes thought of as an aphrodisiac and sometimes a healing stone.

9. Jasper, The Most Positive Of April Birthstones

Jasper jewelry with earrings

Image by Berents via Shutterstock

This is an opaque gemstone that comes in tones such as red/red-brown, yellow, but can also be green, or even black.  The stone has a hardness score of 6.4-7, meaning a good degree of durability.  One of the great things about jasper is its cool color patterns, such as striped, mottled, ringed.  

Jasper comes in a dizzying number of varieties, such as agate, leopard, morgan hill, Deschutes, Egyptian—certainly too many to name here.

One cool thing about it is that your local jeweler won’t have to import it from some far-off location.  It is mined worldwide, in placed as far flung as the U.S., Australia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Egypt, Indonesia. 

Jasper clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution.  It really does great things for one’s positivity. 

10 . Topaz

Diamond ring with topaz isolated on white background

Image by Vladimir Sazonov via Shutterstock

Topaz is a well-known gem that is available in many colors.  You can find it in purple, orange, red, pink, yellow, and blue, even green.  Keep in mind that is also pleochroic, which means when you look at it from different angles.  

Its hardness score is 8, and its refractive index 1.62- 1.628.

Ancient Greeks found that topaz granted them great strength, and in India around that time, it was believed that women who wore topaz were given intelligence, beauty, and long life.

Topaz pushes forth gentle power that stimulates as well as it heals.  It fills a life with abundance and joy!

arth mined natural blue topaz emerald cutting gemstone for gold jewellery

Image by Photo33mm via Shutterstock

When you dive into the possible gemstones for the Spring month of April, you’re really exploring elegance.  Diamonds, Topaz, Jasper, and Sapphire are all options.  That’s an incredible array of precious stones.

You may choose which birthstone to wear based on shine or rarity; by the brilliance of color; or by the spiritual benefits it gives you.  In fact, it’s not so hard to find a wonderful combination of these things and not have to sacrifice anything.

April is still before Memorial Day, so indoor affairs are being held, and there are plenty of occasions to break out some fancy stones for accessories.

Discover everything you need to know about each month's birthstone: January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December

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