Top 10 Types of Necklace Chains
Top 10 Types of Necklace Chains

Deciding which type of necklace chains to buy isn't easy.

There are so many different type of necklace chains: chains that can handle a heavy pendant, necklace chains that look good alone, chains for very delicate pendants...

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Below we will go over the 10 most common types of necklace chains, rated by strength and durability.

The Different Types of Necklace Chains

1. Ball

This is the type of necklace chains you see with cheap necklaces and dog tags. As such, it's probably one of the most familiar of the types of necklace chain.

types of necklace chain

It's made of balls linked with little metal bars to give it some flexibility. This type of chain is very common in cheaper materials like steel.

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It is probably the weakest chain around. It breaks easily and can be difficult to repair. This one can't really be worn alone as easily, and it can't typically handle heavy pendants.

The beads come in different diameter.

types of necklace chain

It is good for cheap street-wear though.

2. Cable Type Of Necklace Chain

types of necklace chain: cable link

The cable chain is one of the most common types of necklace chains links. When you think of a jewelry chain, you're likely thinking of the cable chain.

It can be sturdy, but only if the links are individually welded.

large oval shape chain link

Cheaper chains don't have this and can pull apart. They are easy to repair and removing a broken link won't affect the look.

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thepeachbox waterdrop pearl necklace

They work well with most pendants but can be a bit plain if worn alone.

3. Rolo

Nearly identical to the cable chain, what differentiates this from other types of necklace chains is that it features round links instead of the oval links found in cable chains.

type of necklace chains

They are just as sturdy as cable chains, but the round look gives it a different feel. They work best with pendants and are easy to repair.

4. Curb

Similar to cable chains, these are made of round or oval links that are twisted so they lay flat when worn.

types of necklace chain - curb link

This is one of the best types of necklace chains to wear on its own, particularly if you buy a polished one.

It's also sturdy enough to handle pendants with ease. They can last for years and repair easily. This is a great masculine option or another option for heavy pendants.

5. The Figaro necklace chain

The Figaro chain is a classic type of necklace chains. It's generally similar to the cable chain; however, it uses a few small round links followed by a liner oval link.

figaro link necklace chain type

This gives it a unique look that many people will enjoy.

It's just as strong as a cable chain, however, if a link breaks it's more difficult to repair thanks to the design.

This one works well either alone or with a pendant.

Many people live these for daily wear, either alone or with a pendant. Larger versions can give you a more masculine look.

6. Byzantine

One of the most interesting looking of the types of necklace chains, this chain is made of bent links joined with oval links.

byzantine style necklace chain type

It has a unique look that can be flattering when worn alone. Sometimes called a 4 in 1 chain because each link passes through four others

If you're looking for different types of jewelry chain links to expand your necklace options, this is a great pick. It can be very sturdy but doesn't work  well with pendants.

It can be a tad difficult to repair on your own though.

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7. Box

Box chains are one of the sturdiest types of necklace chain links. The box shape of the links gives them more stability than a round one, and a broken link can be removed without affecting the look of the necklace.

 box link necklace chain

If you want stronger types of necklace chains, this can be a good option. They work well with pendants and tend to lay nicely.

8. Mariner

This type of necklace chain is also known as an anchor chain. It consists of links with a bar in the middle and can be found with flat links or puffed links.

anchor mariner link necklace chain

It's great if you're looking for unique types of jewelry chain links. This is another good option for masculine-looking types of necklace chains, particularly in thicker widths.

Mariner can make a statement when worn alone or easily support a pendant. They can also be repaired decently well. This is a great daily wear chain, particularly a puffed chain since they can be more comfortable.

9. Rope

Named for its twisted links that look like rope, this is one of the sturdiest of the necklace chain types even when it's thin.

rope  link necklace type

The unique look makes it great to wear on its own, but it can handle pendants well.

It can be a bit difficult to repair on your own due to the nature of its links. So long as you buy a solid version, they are heavy and will last for years.

If you're looking for something for daily wear, rope chain is a great option.

10. An Original Type of Necklace Chain: Snake Style

The snake chain has tightly locked links that give a solid look. The chain is still flexible and lays well on the skin.

snake style link necklace chain

As one of, if not the sturdiest of the types of necklace chains it is great for heavy pendants.

It should last well, though repairs aren't easy on the rare occasions that a snake chain would need to be fixed.

Types of Necklace Chains: The Best

What is the best type of necklace chains? This depends on why you want it. If you're looking for a chain to wear on its own, a more complex shape is best.

If you're trying to show off a pendant, (whether it is a diamond, a cubic zirconia or a  moissanite stone) then something simple might be better for you.

How heavy of a pendant you want to wear with a chain is also important to consider. A light, delicate chain won't stand up to a big statement pendant.


A heavy, complex chain might take away from a smaller pendant as well. Make sure you buy a solid chain as well since hollow ones break more easily.

Keep in mind what you intend to wear with your chain when picking one. This is also important when selecting what material you want for your chain.

Different Type of Necklace Chains: Chain Materials

Necklace chains can be made of many different metals. For nicer jewelry, silver is the most common. However, silver does require more upkeep as it tarnishes.

Platinum is also available, and it's strong and durable. However, platinum chains are generally the priciest.

If you're looking for a strong chain, titanium might be best for you. It's tough and resists scratching, and it isn't as expensive as a precious metal.

Gold is what most people want, it's more expensive. Depending on the purity, it will also be more malleable, meaning it's more likely to scratch or break.

If you aren't in the market for precious jewelry, you can buy steel or other common metals. First, be careful if you or your intended recipient have a metal allergy.

Some cheap chains that don't list an exact metal may have zinc, which is the most common metal to be allergic to.

Some metals may also be alloyed with zinc, including gold so always check to be sure your jewelry is zinc-free if you have allergies.

Gold Chains

What are the different types of gold chains? Because it's one of the most common metals used in jewelry, you can get nearly any of the types of necklace chain in gold.

You can even get different shades of gold like white gold or rose gold. Just be prepared to pay a bit more.

Also, watch out for what lower purity gold is alloyed with.

Zinc might cause allergic reactions. Also, look if your gold necklace is plated, and if so what it's plated over. Plated jewelry wears out faster than other types of necklace chains and then you either need to have it plated again or live with the look.

925 gold chains are a cheaper alternative to pure gold chains: they are made of silver (hence 925), with gold plating.

Some gold is also treated to give it a different look, but some of the treatments wear off quickly. Look for reviews of that type of coating to learn how it wears over time.

Strongest Gold Chain Type

Which type of gold chain is strongest? Generally speaking, higher purity gold will always be weaker than a lower purity. 24k gold is pure gold, while 18k gold is 75% gold.

A lower purity of gold will be stronger overall, but you can help this by selecting a stronger type of chain or buying a thicker one.

Just make sure your chain isn't too thick to use with your pendant.

Also only buy a solid chain. While hollow is cheaper and lighter, it breaks more easily. Your biggest issue with gold will generally be scratching, particularly with higher karats.

Rope chains tend to show scratches the least. If you're wearing it regularly, this is something to consider.


Hopefully, now you have an idea of what type of necklace chain you're interested in buying. Think of what you want to wear the chain with and how often you'll be wearing it when you pick it.

Just make sure you get a quality one and your chain should outlast you. Once you pick your chain length, you'll be ready to buy.