What is Zoisite: Meaning, Properties & Why You Should Buy
What Is Zoisite: Gassan ruby zoisite ring

What is Zoisite! What is this magical Zoisite? Will it drain your brain or switch your personality with your crazy friend Chase? If you put it on a necklace it, will you be able to fly? 

Well, no, Zoisite just sounds like a wild sci-fi item.  It’s really just a normal gem that happens to be lovely in a very earthy way.  Zoisite can be thought of as a category of gemstone, because it is divided into other identifiable gems.

What Is Zoisite?

Ruby zoiste pendant

Image via Therussianstore

You ask, I answer. Zoisite is a deeply pretty gem with tones of turquoise and purple and amber and green.  It’s the kind of gem that makes ya really wonder about the intricacies of nature.  Mother Nature knows how to create beauty, so tap into it.

Zoisite (also known as saualpite) is a heady brew of calcium and other metals.  It’s formed when rocks of all kinds go through their metamorphosis.

It was found in the mountains of Austria by Sigmund von Zois, who then got the naming rights.

What Are The Most Popular Zoisite Variations?

So, as I mentioned above, Zoisite knows quite a few variations.  It is broken down into some gems that you may recognize better than the word “zoisite.”


Tanzanite bracelet

Image via Macys

You’ve probably heard of this beautiful blue gem. After sapphire, it’s the boss blue gemstone in the gem world, and it’s a transparent, blue form. 


what is zoisite: Thulite
Image via Britanica

This transparent variety is a slightly unusual rich pink color. It’s all about cabochons small enough for jewelry.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoisite bangle

Image by Thewistfulwoods via Etsy

The technical name for this is Anyolite.  It’s a shocking combo of Green Zoisite and ruby crystals.  The stones are usually a mix of a lovely eggplant color (or some variation) and a vibrant green.

Where Is Zoisite Found?


Image via Britannica

In your jewelry box, of course.  No, seriously, though, I’ll answer your question and even break it down. If we’re talking about the luscious Thulite, it comes from European countries like Italy, Norway, and Austria, as well as Australia and the U.S.  You never know where certain stones will pop up.

As for the green, gray, and grayish yellow numbers, they are born in Tanzania, Kenya, and even California.  Others live in Sweden, Northern Pakistan, and even a place called New Hampshire? Who New? (See what I did there?)

How to Evaluate Zoisite Quality

what is zoisite: Tanzanite cushion and diamond
Image via Bluenile

A biggy in this area is inclusions, meaning the inclusion of metals or other material that aren’t zoisite itself. If you had a glass of water and you saw some particle of some kind in it, that wouldn’t be good, right? Well, we know you’re not drinking a piece of jewelry, but you sure are paying a lot for it.  

If you have inclusions in a stone, it is less lustrous.  It has a less clear, perfect shine. So  when you are evaluating quality, this is key.  But there are other factors, too. If you’re looking at the Tanzanite variety of Zoisite, be sure to evaluate the depth of color, the sharpness of the cut and overall quality of it, and the overall clarity.

For the other varieties, they are often used for jewelry and bracelets. That makes them different from other types of jewels that need to be super clear. That sort of jewelry is earthier, so you’re looking just for something with great color.

Zoisite Vs. Ruby Zoisite

Ruby zoiste pendant

Image via Therussianstore

One of the big differences is that ruby zoisite doesn’t have that clear, transparent quality that regular zoisite does.  Instead, it’s opaque, not letting light in.  Also, Ruby Zoisite has pink and red ruby crystals with green and pink colors merging beautifully.

Zoisite Jewelry

Hexagon pendant with tanzanite

Image via Tiffany

When you see a Zoisite stone used in jewelry, it’s one of the higher-quality ones, compared to others.  a lot of stones are used in non-jewelry items, but there are enough to go around for awesome fashion jewelry items. 

You often see some large cabochons of zoisite, because it involves colors swirling together, and a larger cabochon captures this.  These often make great pendants for necklaces.  But it’s not uncommon to see various types of zoisite in rings as well.  They tend to be used with silver bands.  Sometimes a person is looking for something casual for less dressy occasions.  Sometimes one wants a splash of color rather than the usual gold or silver, and that’s what any form of zoisite delivers.

How to Care For Zoisite

Zoisite is a relatively-hard gem. But with a 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale (which measures hardness) it’s certainly not indestructible. It can be scratched.  One of the weapons against this is storing your Zoisite correctly.  It’s crucial to not store your Zoisite among precious metals, because these have very high hardness scores and will scratch the delicate Zoisite.

Meaning And Symbolism

Don’t go around thinking that this lovely, colorful stone is only lovely and colorful.  It actually rocks and rolls to the tune of a lot of really important and wonderful mythology.  It also has great spiritual meaning.   in short, it’s a return stone.  That means that it lassoes you and pulls you back to where you really belong, spiritually, emotionally, in terms of tradition, etc.

It can be used for healing the spleen, pancreas, lungs, and hearts.  Further, it is linked to the astrological sign Gemini, the twins.  As such it’s linked to the crown chakra.

Where to Find Zoisite Jewelry

In some urban areas, you may be able to waltz into a jewelry shop and get some awesome zoisite.  However, if you are located elsewhere, your method may be online searches. 

Zoisite Faqs

Q. Is Zoisite a Guy?

A. No! The reason the question arises is that Zoisite was discovered by someone named Sigmund von Zois.  Many gems have names from the people who discovered them.

Q. What Is Zoisite Used For?

A. Some zoisite stones, particularly anyolite, are used for little figurines and non-jewelry ornamental items.  But many are used for good-sized pendants that can be worn with casual necklaces for everyday outfits.

Q. Is Zoisite The Same As Tanzanite?

A. It’s a great question.  It would be like asking if bagels are the same as honey wheat bagels. Tanzanite is a form of Zoisite.  Namely, it’s the transparent, blue form. It is also one of the December birthstones.

Q. What Does Ruby Zoisite Mean?

A. Ruby Zoisite is the variety of zoisite with pink and green colors mingling with each other. It is also known as anyolite. 

Q. Where Is Ruby Zoisite Mined?

A. Most of it is mined in Tanzania, where it was initially discovered.  There is a famous location called the Longido mining district, and a lot of the world’s stash of these awesome stones comes from it. 

Q. Is Zoisite Rare?

A. You bet your sweet ruby it is. Think about it: it’s mined only in one part of the earth! It just isn’t plentiful.  However, it also doesn’t have that eminence placed on it that diamonds or real silver do.  That’s nice on your pocketbook. a rare gem that has a disarming, subtle charm is rare indeed! Cherish it!

Q. What Chakra Is Ruby Zoisite?

A. Both the crown and heart chakras. The crown chakra is symbolized both with a thousand petals and with circles.  On a person, it’s located, well, at the top of the head. You guessed it. The heart chakra is located in the center of the spine at heart level.  It is the center of compassion, love, generosity, etc. So buy a stone and put it right there!

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