What Is The Birthstone For August?
What Is The Birthstone For August?

Peridot, the most recognized August birthstone represents strength... as it is formed under extreme conditions. It can be found in hardened lava in Hawaii or even in meteorites from outer space... Associated with the Sun and light, for its green color, the peridot was already mined by the ancient Egyptians. 

Here are the birthstones for the calendar month of August:  Peridot CarnelianAlexandriteSardonyxDiamondSapphireRuby

The Zodiac signs that cover the end of July/beginning of August and end of August/beginning September are Leo (Lion, July 23–August 22) and Virgo (Virgin, August 23–September 22). Stones for these are:  Jasper JadeTourmalineZirconCitrineOnyx

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Here’s a run through on these awesome August birthstones for calendar month.

1. Peridot

peridot is august birthstone

First, the stone is pronounced “pair-eh-dough.” This pretty green thing is a type of Chrysolite. It is found in meteorite and lava. What a superhero you are when wearing this incredibly special August birthstone…

Always associated with the Sun and light, the peridot was mined by the ancient Egyptians. They used the peridot as a talisman to drive snakes into the sea; and some feel that Cleopatra’s collection of emerald may have actually been ... peridot!

The peridot can be found in various shades of green, from yellow green to pure pine green 

Peridot stones in emerald cut, made for stunning ring!

peridot stone with diamond on white cold ring

2. Carnelian


This happy red or orange stone was the stone of kings for centuries. But it was appreciated by many others as well. The Prophet Muhammad sported a signet ring with this vibrant stone. Picture him signing important documents with something so colorful and elegant. Do Muslims still wear this stone? Yes, they do! And it is also cherished by all cultures.

This August Birthstone comes in yellow-gold, orange, orange red, red.

3. Alexandrite


Alexandrite is a rare August birthstone that can appear as different colors in different light, and has an air of sophistication and refinement. The Russian gem was named after King Alexander II (totally different from Alexander the Great).

Russian author Nikolai Leskov wrote a novel with the stone as a major feature, having prophetic qualities. It is thought of as so mysterious because it can change its colors. For that reason, it is considered alternately as both lucky and unlucky! Take your chances, right?

Colors: blue-green in light/purple-red in incandescent light

4. Sardonyx


We’re all a blend of something, right? Well, Sardonyx is a really blended combo of Onyx and layered Sard. It definitely has that stratified look, almost like stripes. It is yet another stone loved and used by the Ancient Egyptians. Not only did they think it reduced crime, but they used it to push away evil spirits.

Sardonyx is a great August birthstone for psychic energies and for meditation. It also heals bones and helps the immune system.

Colors: yellow-red; amber, reddish-brown; with brown or white bands

5. Diamond

What can be said about diamonds? Whether or not they are your best friend, they are worth a spot in your collection! You know what they look like and how lustrous and gorgeous they are. Here are some things you may not know. 

Ancient civilizations thought diamonds were lightning turned to small stones on earth. Flash forward more than a thousand years to 1477, when Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond to Mary of Burgundy as a wedding ring. That may have been what started a tradition that is still alive today!

The man who built the Taj Mahal, Jehan Shah, wore an 88-carat diamond at his coronation. And throughout history, diamonds have been important to royalty, wealthy businesspeople, Hollywood stars, and everyday people who appreciate beauty.

It is one of the things that spans across all cultures and places. There are trading and cutting centers in the world’s leading cities, such as London, New York, Antwerp, and Bombay.

On the cheap side, check diamond simulant like cubic zirconia or moissanite.

Colors: clear, white, yellow

6. Sapphire


Sapphire is well-known to be associated with the sky. Its blue colors are that clear and inspiring. In fact, ancient Persians felt that the reason the sky was blue was that it reflected off sapphire stones. They also held—along with Catholics—Sapphire to be a holy and sacred stone. Sapphire is also thought to be the stone of the apocalypse.

Wearers of Sapphire as an August birthstone can expect to experience great inner wisdom and psychic awareness. It is great for mental clarity and for calm.

Colors: blue (less commonly: pink, purple, brown)

7. Ruby

No doubt, you are aware of the stunning beauty of ruby—its beauty is one of the most famous things on earth. But rubies also have so much meaning, history, and lore. Their history goes back to early human history. Ancient Hindus referred to the stone as the King of Gems; when mentioned in the Bible it is always in terms of wisdom, and ruby is also associated with the blood of life.

As an August birthstone, Ruby promotes loving, nurturing, knowledge, and wealth. It brings spiritual wisdom by acting on the heart chakra. 

Colors: red

8. Jasper


This cool gemstone gets its named from the Greek word “iaspi” which means “spotted stone.” However, a lot of jasper stones show heavy banding more than actual spots. They do generally have a mottled or speckled texture.

Norse legend says that the magic sword used by a figure called Siegried had jasper inlays. Egyptians used it in amulets for the dead. Jasper provides emotional protection for us by absorbing negative energy. Further, it clears electromagnetic pollution.

Colors: blue, green, brick red, with banding

9. Jade

jade is august birthstone

Jade comes in two forms, jadeite and nephrite. It is mostly known in its green variety, but can be pink, brown, green and yellow, even multi-colored. Like many of the birthstones for August, Leo, and Virgo, it has a rich history with great importance to many folks.

In the ancient world, jade was worn in Persia, Syria, and the Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek worlds. Red jasper was a sacred stone in those days, and also a talisman worn by warriors. It can cleanse the root or base chakra and for that reason is highly valued today.

Colors: red, lavender, green, white, black, gray

10. Tourmaline


Tourmaline is a group of silicate minerals; most of them come from metamorphic or igneous rock. Tourmaline comes many colors, most sought after are in purple, red, black, and green. This August birthstone can also be multicolored.

This August birthstone helps a person come to terms with themselves—but also others. It gives people tolerance and understanding.

Colors: red, black, green, purple, black.

11. Zircon


Zircon (not to be confused with zirconium) is an ancient, natural stone with crystals dating back millions of years. In the Middle Ages, zircon was believed to bring sleep, scare off evil spirits, and inspire honor and wisdom.

Blue Zircon was extremely popular in the Victorian age, worn in costumes and by the wealthy.

Colors: blue, white, green, yellow, purple, red


12. Citrine

citrine is august birthstone

Citrine, which comes from a word meaning “orange,” has a long history of ornamentation. In 17th century Scotland, men used citrine on sword handles, just for show. In 20th century America, movie stars wore oversized citrine jewelry.

Citrine comes in very handy for wearers, fostering success and wealth. It brings up a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Citrine also encourages self-expression.

Colors: pale yellow, orange-yellow, brown-orange

13. Onyx

 onyx is august birthstone

This great gemstone is a type of quartz and it has straight bands around it. The story behind its name is kind of quirky. It comes from the Greek “onux,” which means fingernail. Weird, right? Well, according to the Greek myth, one day, Eros came upon Aphrodite who was sleeping on the banks of a river. As a weird prank, he cut off her fingernails, which the gods then turned to stone: onyx.

Today black onyx is believed to have healing properties, as well as to benefit the teeth, hair, and skin. 

As an August birthstone, it aids in mental discipline and self-confidence.

Colors: black, black with gray or white bands

Find your birthstone!

As you have seen, there are many glorious gemstones that serve as August birthstones. 

Many of them have extraordinarily rich traditions.

When you wear a ring or necklace—or any kind of fashion accessory—utilizing a gemstone, you are tapping into an amazing history. These stones have forged beliefs, superstitions, and elements of culture for thousands of years. And that goes across many cultures.

It is amazing how universal these stones are, how coveted they have been by kings and queens and all sorts of people for centuries. 

It is hard not to find whatever you are looking for with all of these August birthstones.

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