Top 10 July Birthstones: the Ruby, King of Precious Red Gems

Among the modern and traditional July birthstones is the king of gems, the Ruby, named from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red” – the color of love. 

July birthstones are associated with contentment, passion, and warm energies.

July’s name comes from—you guessed it—Julius Caesar. It was the month he was born in. It is the month of Canada Day, Independence Day (U.S.), Bastille Day, and in the U.S. National Ice Cream month.

Celebrities born in July include Lindsey Lohan, Margot Robbie, Tom Cruise, and Eva Green, to name only a few.

Now, these days most months have many birthstones to choose from, and that’s true for July. The birthstones for the calendar month are: RubySardonyxSapphireOnyx and Carnelian

Zodiac signs that touch on days in July are Cancer (Crab, June 22–July 22) and Leo (Lion, July 23–August 22). The gemstones for these are: MoonstoneEmeraldTourmalinePearl and Diamond.

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Let’s go through this, sharing some dazzling facts about great additions to your fashion.

1. Sardonyx

sardonyx gemstone

Sardonyx sure is quirky, with a nearly comical name. It’s literally a cross between Sard and Onyx. These are both types of Chalcedony, and bands of them combine to make this July birthstone. You’ll often see these in a really sharp reddish-brown with lighter bands, maybe orange, white, etc. But sometimes the main color is red with almost no brown tones, with white bands.

This birthstone for july is one of the several gemstones that connects the wearer to Ancient Rome. Both Romans and Greeks took into battle sardonyx stones with engravings of Mars (god of war) or Hercules as they went into a fight.

There was also an ancient notion that Sardonyx protects against scorpion bites! That fits in with the modern belief that this July birthstone is all about protection and strength.

2. July Birthstones: Ruby

ruby is most well-known july birthstone

One of the reddest reds in the world: the ruby! This traditional stone is a type of corundum and fetches nearly the highest per-carat rate of any jewel. Ruby is so precious that it is often called the king of precious gems.

For jewelry, there are five major kinds of ruby: Burmese ruby, Thai ruby, Mozambique ruby, Tanzanian ruby, and Madagascar ruby. Burmese rubies are deep red, vibrant and highly-saturated. Rubies from Burma don’t have many inclusions of other metals. Thai rubies are of very high quality and are a slightly darker, including burgundy tones. Mozambique rubies are known for their brightness and transparency. Tanzanian rubies have a clean color and structure, and a bit more affordable than others. Rubies from Madagascar generally have more of an orange-blush.

The purplish coloration of rubies used in modern jewelry is often removed by heat treatment, leaving the ruby a purer red. Additionally, the heat procedure can remove ruby inclusions such as "silk" (very small minute needle shape like inclusions) that can give the appearance of an opaque gem.

Rubies may also be dyed and treated with lattice diffusion. Fractures and cavities on lower-quality rubies may be filled with a glass to hide their visible sides and to make rubies appear more transparent. The ruby may become more vulnerable to damage during normal wear and care if these treatments are applied to it.

When buying a "July ruby", ask how and by what method it has been treated. Warm soapy water and a soft brush are usually sufficient for safely cleaning any ruby. Rubies that have been heat-treated, lattice diffusion-treated, and untreated rubies are usually safe for ultrasound and steam cleaners.

Rubies have an inner glow, which is why they are associated with fire. People used to claim that a ruby placed in a pot of water could bring it to a boil.

So if your birth month is July, ruby for sure is a very modern birthstone and the perfect accessory to any black, white, or red outfit.

3. Sapphire

sapphire round shaped

You’re definitely in Fancytown with this famous gem. Sapphire is an elegant modern blue gemstone perfect for cutting cabochons. Jewelry fashioned from these precious stones wears great with primary colors, whether or a lighter tone of blush or peach or beige.

In the days of antiquity Greeks associated Sapphire with Apollo, God of archery, dance, and poetry.

This July birthstone is a stone of wisdom, creating a deeper understanding of the truth. Wearing it with a lover symbolizes the long-term bond between you. As for health, it is also thought to be a cure for vertigo and insomnia. It improves the immune system and refreshes mental health.

4. Onyx

onyx traditional july birthstone

Like many gemstones, Onyx is a type of chalcedony. It is the variety with parallel bands and its main color is often black. It can often come in white, and is opaque or translucent.

A famed Greek myth says that as the fingernails of Venus fell into the Indus River (having been cut by her son, Cupid), they turned into Onyx stones! Wild, right? Cleopatra was supposed to have worn it for its protective values—the black variety.

It has been known to absorb negative energy—the more it has absorbed the darker it is. Going along with that, it overcomes everyday fears for the wearer. This black color modern birthstone for July, shows people their inner truth, freeing them from labels or restrictions.

5. Carnelian

carnelian stone

Carnelian is formed by the combination of two different silica materials. It includes iron oxide. It’s a porous stones, and a common treatment for it is soak it in a container of dye. The stones soak for long enough to give them great stability.

Carnelian goes way back to ancient times. Queen Pu Abi, a Sumerian, was buried in a robe containing lapis, gold, and carnelian. In fact, Egyptian mummies had this July birthstone placed on them because of the association with the Sun God, Horus.

In 1799, Napoleon acquired a seal of carnelian in an octagonal shape. He felt that this gemstone would bring good luck, which was its reputation. Therefore, he gave the gem to his son, Louis-Napoleon to wear into battle. He is said to have warn the gemstone without really believing, and he was killed by the Zulus in 1879 who took the precious gem from him. Believing in good luck is key!

This July Birthstone, is commonly used today to ward off depression. In ancient times, people thought that Carnelian connects to the sacral chakra, which is responsible for boosting a person’s self-confidence. It is also empowering and stimulating.

6. July Birthstones: Moonstone

moonstone july birthstone

Moonstone is a funky member of the feldspar family of gemstones. It is often a soft color like white, blue, or gray, but can also be purple, yellow, and brown.

The reason it is called this is due to an effect called the Schiller effect. It causes certain crystals within the stone to glow, and to seem to move. The glow reminds people of the moon.

Hindu mythology states that moonstone is actually solidified moonbeams. How fun! Because of its moonlike qualities, this July birthstone was featured in custom jewelry made by hip designers such as Louis Comfort, Tiffany and Rene Lalique.

7. July Birthstones: Emerald

emerald the green july birthstone


If your zodiac sign is Leo (Jul 23-Aug 23) or Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 22) you sure have an amazing gemstone to choose as your zodiac sign stone. Emerald is a type of beryl, a category of gemstones that also includes aquamarine. It has what’s called a 3-phase inclusion (rock salt, liquid, gas bubble), a hexagonal crystal structure, and a hardness of 7.5-8 out of 10.

Lore about Emerald says that it was one of the stones that God gave to Solomon, said to be the wisest man on Earth. Ancient Incas used emeralds in religious ceremonies for centuries.

Among all July Birthstones, Emerald is a must-have for people looking for spiritual properties. It brings emotional, physical, and mental balance. It connects to the heart chakra, and has positive effects on that organ.

8. Tourmaline Birthstone

tourmaline birthstones

Tourmaline is a vividly-colorful modern gemstone. It can be found in pink, green, red, and blue. Also many tourmaline stones are multi-colored. Technically, tourmaline is a whole group of minerals with similar properties.

Tourmaline lands at 7-7.5 on the mohs scale, which is pretty great considering the stone that isn’t expensive.

One note, there is such a thing as fake tourmaline. It’s often a slice of tinted glass glued between stone. Be sure to have a jeweler look under a microscope before you buy.

Tourmaline is different from other July Birthstones as it is a “receptive stone,” meaning that it helps with one’s inward thoughts. It is soothing and healing.

9. Pearls

 july birthstones natural pearls


Natural pearls are created by a microscopic defense mechanism in the anatomies of some mollusks. When something threatens them, they spin out pearls as a response. The other major type of modern pearl, cultured, come from intentionally placing an object, like a bead, into the animal, which it then coats with nacre, a strong, iridescent substance, which is also known as “mother of pearl.”

Multiple strands can be worn as gorgeous bracelets, and long pearl necklaces are a great addition to dresses or maybe a suit.

White pearls represent purity and new beginnings; pink symbolized love; blue, dedication and longevity; black, which are rare, symbolize protection from evil forces.

10. Birthstone for July: Diamond

traditional july birthstones round shaped diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and are coveted not just for their beauty, but for their incredible qualities. Being able to cut glass is one. Maybe the better one is its incredible ability to reflect and to disperse light—the sparkle. Nothing sparkles like diamonds.

One thing not a lot of people realize is just how many diamonds come from Central and South Africa. Nearly half of the world’s diamonds come from that locale. Others are from Brazil, Australia, India, and Canada. India is the place of the first discovery of diamonds, which happened more than 2,000 years ago. Mines in India have since produced more than 12 million carats of the gem.

Legends from various cultures emphasize just how powerful diamonds are—how they are for winners and how they symbolize everything desirable in the world. That is why they’ve been worn by so many generals, kings, queens, movie stars and other fancy people.

It was the Persian poet Hafiz who wrote, “the rainbow is confined but diamonds are forever.” Diamonds are believed to help us overcome fears and anxieties, and to stop worrying or fear the worst.

These are the traditional birthstones for July and the signs Leo and Cancer. They definitely include some of the big names and world-famous gems. They also give you options for a less extravagant budget. As you can see, they involve a wide array of healing and spiritually-beneficial properties. The great thing is, if you’re looking for a lot of great splash for your fashion life, every single one of these will do wonders!

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