Top 12 Most Amazing & Unique February Birthstones 2024 guide
Top 12 Most Amazing And Unique February Birthstones (2024 Guide)

February Birthstones. In ancient times, people developed the idea that there were gems associated with each zodiac sign. The idea was that if you wore the right stone during the right month, you’d benefit from awesome powers. Boom! Bam! Birthstones were born.

Birthstones for the calendar month of February are Amethyst and Bloodstone.

February birthstones for the zodiac signs of  Aquarius (Water Bearer, January 20–February 18) and Pisces (Fish, February 19–March 20) are Ruby,  SapphireGarnetMoss AgateOpalSugiliteTurquoiseJasperAquamarine,  Jade and Rock Crystal.

Today, people like to wear their birthstones to pay tribute to the month in which they entered the world. Acknowledging one’s birth month in such way adds meaning to jewelry. Of course, a lot of people around you might just think that you’re wearing something cute, beautiful, or classy. That’ll work too!

Are you wondering which birthstones are for February? Wonder no more. Here are the stones, with a few choice facts for each of them.

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February Birthstones #1: Amethyst

february birthstones - purple amethyst necklace
Image via Daniquejewelry

What can we say about Amethysts, one of the most famous gemstones for the month of February? This was originally a cardinal gem, one of the elite gemstones, up there with emeralds, diamonds, and rubies.

This lovely gemstone is mostly found in a range of purple hues. Many times, an amethyst is clear and rich, though not dark and not extremely shiny. It can be great for someone who doesn’t want to over-bling.

The amethyst should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. It goes well with copper and brass, yellow gold, but especially white gold, which brings out its brilliance.

purple rough amethyst quartz crystals
Image by Sebastian Janicki via Shutterstock

Amethyst is good to wear when having a drink or two because it slows down intoxication or over-indulgence. It also really gets rid of spiritual blockages.

2. Bloodstone

silver bloodstone pendant

Image by Silverhousegift via Etsy

Bloodstone is a heliotrope, and is dark green with all sorts of wicked red splatters of color. 

When wearing a bloodstone necklace, be sure it’s touching your skin and not between you and your fetching outfit. You will get better spiritual benefits that way.

And bloodstone is one of the most powerful stones in the world when it comes to healing. It creates a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. It also detoxifies the liver and kidneys. Further, bloodstone can combat confusion and fatigue. 

February Birthstones #3: Red Ruby

february birthstone  - princess cut ruby ring
Image via Zales

As you know, the ruby is one stunning and bold gemstone. It is heartbreaking red. Rubies should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. They are best set in white and yellow gold, and look most ravishing when worn with red, black, or white.

Most gemstones have some sort of spiritual or energetic properties to them, and our gal Ruby is no exception. Ruby is all about guarding against negative energy. That gives you spiritual courage, energy, and powerful motivation. As clear as a ruby’s brightness is, that is how clear you can expect to feel wearing one.

February Birthstones #4: Blue Sapphire

round sapphire ring
Image via Tiffany

Sapphire is a shimmering blue gemstone absolutely made for cabochons, whether they be teardrop, round, or even rectangular. Jewelry made with the stone looks great with primary colors, whether something bolder like orange or a lighter tone of blush or peach.

The Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and leads to a deeper understanding of the truth. Wearing it with a loved one can symbolize the long-term bond between the two of you. In terms of health, it is also believed to be a cure for vertigo and insomnia. It helps the immune system and refreshes mental health.

5. Garnet

garnet bracelet
Image By Selfridges

Garnets are a vivid red-purple color, with complex crystals reflecting light in a dazzling way. In fact, they often show pleochroism, exhibiting varied colors in different light. They also can exhibit asterism, which means rays reflecting off in a way that resembles a six-pointed star.

If you wish to combine garnet with other stones, options include red aventurine, peridot, and clear quartz.

Beaded garnet necklaces are a great way of dresses up a casual outfit!

Garnet can bring hope and drive, helping the survival instinct. It also strengthens the sex drive. If that’s not enough, note the legend that a garnet stone engraved with a lion serves an all-purpose charm to ward off danger and disease.

February Birthstones #6: Moss Agate

february birthstones - Beautiful moss agate gemstone on white background
Image by New Africa via Shutterstock

Many jewelry lovers are drawn to this quirky form of agate due to its mottled and funky appearance. It has a complex texture with a mystical look. Moss agate with its green markings and splotches, is great as an accessory for ultra-casual wear.

Moss agate necklace

Image by Bonbonstones via Etsy

Various ancient cultures classified moss agate as a stone of healing. Because of its inclusions that looked like moss, the gem was also considered a talisman for farming in the 18th century. Farmers hung it on the horns of their teams of oxen while plowing to improve their all-important harvests.

7. Opal

Opal Ring in silver iridescent on white background

Image by Mivr via Shutterstock

Opal is a form of silica with a high water content. Many of the stones have that wild gumball appearance to them due to all sorts of multi-colored mineral inclusions.

White or other light-colored opals will go well with pastel or light outfits. The increasingly-hip black opal goes great with dark-colored clothing.

One thing to be aware of is that the Roman Caesars routinely gave opals to their wives. That’s a pretty good endorsement, right? This gemstone is associated with romance and love.

8. Sugilite

february birthstones - sugilite necklace
Image by Artysun via Etsy

Sugilite has an almost wistful beauty, largely due to its nearly-cloudy purple tones. A bit of silvery-grey really adds complexity to to the tones of this gem. Now, in some cases it can be a brighter and more vivid purple.

Sugilite will go very well with cream or white blouses, or silver or navy.

It’s no small point that Sugilite is related to Michael the archangel. The stone invites this angel in and that’s why it’s associated with protection. People who promise stuff from stones say it will give you true wisdom and love, and will allow you to lead a bolder life.

A Lovely Blue-Green February Birthstones: #9 Turquoise

Silver Native American Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Image by AACTV via Shutterstock

This fascinating gemstone is so iconic it has a color named for it, the lovely blue-green. Turquoise is mined in a few places worldwide: dry locales where acidic groundwater interacts with minerals that contain aluminum and phosphorus. The result of this sedimentary process is a porous, semi-translucent combo of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate.

Turquoise is quite durable, with a hardness of 5 to 6. It is also cut into cabochons to make wonderful pendants.

Turquoise is versatile and can offset outfits of neutral colors. It really shines when warn with white, but try it with black, too.

february birthstones - turquoise
Image by Nyura via Shutterstock

Turquoise is an ancient stone with a rich history. It has been used in Aztec ceremonies and as shields for primitive warriors. Today, it realigns emotional centers and allows you to be as positive as possible. You have the power and majesty of the ocean when you rock this rock.

10. Jasper

Purple jasper pendant

Jasper is a stone that you’ll usually find multicolored. A lot of its main hues are red and reddish-brown. Sometimes you’ll find a pure red, which has a bit of brownish and orangish tones.

This is an incredible stone to wear, not just for beauty, but if you’re stressed or not in great spirits. Jasper will give its wearer nurturing properties. Not only does it deliver wholeness and tranquility, but it helps a person stay within herself/himself.

February Birthstones #11: A Talisman Against Danger, Aquamarine

february birthstone  - Aquamarine center stone ring with diamond halo isolated on white
Image by Fruit Cocktail Creative via Shutterstock

This February gemstone is a type of Beryl, which is known for its transparency and clarity. This awesome stone compliments almost all eye colors and skin colors.

Going back to the days of sailors, aquamarine can be used as a talisman against danger. It also helps to soothe and calm the wearer, and has anti-aging properties.  

12. Jade

natural jade green bangle
Image by Bestjadeite via Etsy

Jade can be broken into Jadeite and Nephrite. Jade ranges in color, showing up in white, green, lavender, orange, yellow, and black. The most valuable jade is a semi-transparent emerald green. Jade can also than one color in a single gem. Jade in which the color is evenly distributed is highly valued. 

Green Aventurine Bracelet

Image via Wikipedia

Jade can lessen worry among the wearer and bring emotional balance. It also signifies tranquility and wisdom.

13. Rock Crystal

birthstones for februray- rock crystal necklace
Image via Robynrealjewels.Com

Rock Crystal is a sort of nickname for clear quartz. It can be used as a stand-in for diamonds and is often used in costume jewelry.

These stones come from locations as diverse as Japan, Madagascar, and Brazil.

It has a hardness score of 7, with no cleavage.

As far as meaning and significance, Native Americans place rock crystals in the beds of their babies, using the stones to send away evil. We also know rock crystal to have soothing and calming properties, helping the nervous system and melting away headaches.

To conclude, many birthstones for February and related star signs are either blue or red, though they come in a variety of colors. Many of them are the famous one like ruby, jade, and turquoise. Between these stones, we find an incredible amount of great spiritual properties.

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